PhotoBook Journal – Issue #28

Welcome to our 28th Issue •

We are hoping you are enjoying your summer holidays and vacations. We are continuing our book sale fund raiser and really appreciate your responses with book purchases and donations. These make a difference and keep us going. Thank you!

I am very delighted to work with Medium Photo again this fall to lead my Zoom creative book workshop, an ideal way to learn the basics of editing, sequencing, design and layout. I will be joined by guest speakers Elizabeth Avedon, NYC designer, and David Chickey, the Publisher and Creative Director of Radius Book, Santa Fe, NM.

Meanwhile, in some parts of the world, the sober realities of climate change continue to haunt us. Likewise the new strain of COVID-19 is devastating, thus when provided the opportunity, get your vaccine jab and save a life.

Douglas Stockdale
Senior Editor


Books featured in July 2021:

Thomas Kellner – Fachwerkhäuser des Siegener Industriegebietes heute

The classic 20th-century typologies of basic building types by Bernd and Hilla Becher are a hard act to follow. But Thomas Kellner puts a 21st-century spin on them in this… (more)


Roger Bruhn – 8 1/2 Garbage Cans

I find surreal one of the most consistently misused of words, not only in art contexts but in general usage as well. Most often the speaker will mean visually fantastic… (more)


Cara Louwman and Yuen Jee Li – Rooting

Many of us have several ethnic groups in our heritage, and we all certainly have lots of ancestors, but not all of us are able to trace our background details more than…. (more)


Neil Folberg – A Mirror in Macedonia

This book is part retrospective with an autobiography about the early phase of Neil Folberg’s long photographic career, and part portfolio for early unpublished…. (more)


Paula Riff – works on paper

Earlier this year, we lost a photographic artist with a truly unique vision when Paula Riff succumbed to cancer. Yet this diminutive Los Angeles artist with an outsized personality left us with a beautiful gift… (more)


Mimi Svanberg – Fragments

Abstract art can certainly fuel one’s imagination. When the main attention of a photograph is more diffuse, that is, not so concrete, we can let our thoughts wander … (more)


Vasco Trancoso – 99

No doubt street photography can benefit from some creative new approaches. Gone are the days of garnering attention by showing the ubiquitous downtrodden and certain… (more)


PBJ Book Sale: Ron Jude – Lick Creek Line

Published by MACK Books
First Edition, 2012
Condition: New, original shrink wrap
ISBN: 9781907946172
Price: $300 USD

Paperback with jacket
Trim Size: 29.2 x 25.7 cm, 112 pages

Where to purchase


Developing A Creative Photo Book – Medium Photo workshop led by Douglas Stockdale

We have slightly modified this virtual workshop (I believe for the better for everyone involved) to three-hour Zoom virtual segments spread over a span of four days starting on Saturday, September 11th, then Sunday, Sept 12th, a week to work the book-dummy in between, then back again on Saturday, Sept 18th, finishing on Sunday, Sept 19th. These four sessions take place from 9am till noon (Pacific Std Time)…. (more)


Articles & photographs published on PhotoBook Journal may not be reproduced without the permission of the PhotoBook Journal staff and the photographer(s).

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