Gabriella Angotti-Jones – I Just Want to Surf

Review by Douglas Stockdale • This is not the usual photobook investigating the Southern California surf culture. As evident on the book’s interesting slipcover, a folded double-sided surf poster, that Gabriella Angotti-Jones subjects for I Just Want to Surf are not the usual bunch of ‘tan’ blonde beach dudes. In fact they are not even dudes, but a... Continue Reading →

Nick Brandt – The Day May Break. Chapter Two

Review by Gerhard Clausing • Environmental destruction and climate change certainly constitute a universal problem. Resources are limited, and both humans and other creatures have their needs to fulfill. Nick Brandt is an artist with a big heart and an even bigger conscience, and in his work, he calls attention to these disturbing global trends.... Continue Reading →

Thurstan Redding – Kids of Cosplay

Review by Gerhard Clausing • Cosplay is a fun activity. You take your innermost thoughts out to be seen in public, as you embody, through your costume and makeup, a fictional character you admire, showing yourself as your personal hero or heroine to everyone out there. These personalized and externalized emotions can be seen at... Continue Reading →

Emily White – High Water

Review by Douglas Stockdale • Emily White utilizes large format photographic equipment in conjunction with alternative photographic technics to investigate an urban and its bordering natural landscapes. There is an undercurrent of mystery, as though something is being haunted, in the dark moody body of work that White exhibited in her first solo show with Candela... Continue Reading →

Tema Stauffer – Southern Fiction

Review by Melanie Chapman • “Impressions of the Past, and what Remains.” At a certain time in the afternoon of late winter, the sun shines through my front window and fills the living room with long strands of a honey yellow glow. The sounds of children playing across the street subside as families reconvene to share... Continue Reading →

UC Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism’s Third Biennial Reva & David Logan Photo Book Symposium

Article by Debe Arlook and Douglas Stockdale with photographs by Debe Arlook, Douglas Stockdale, Katie Rodriguez and Barry Schwartz • We were honored with the opportunity to participate in the University of California Berkeley, Graduate School of Journalism's Third Biennial Reva & David Logan Photo Book Symposium on Saturday April 15th. The event was developed... Continue Reading →

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