Artist and Photographic books

NOTICE: (March 2020) Due to the COVID-19 transmission concerns, we will not be accepting physical book review submissions at this time. We consider the physical book as an important aspect of a book review, but with the current situation, shipping books increases the risk of potential spread of COVID-19 (virus can live for 24 hours on cardboard and other shipping materials).

Once we are through this and return to normal, we will start accepting review copies. Please be advised that this may not occur until the end of April or beyond.

Thank you for your patience…


Submissions will be considered for review somewhat in the order received. We are primarily interested in contemporary published works that are developed by an individual or in partnership that investigate a concept or theme and we are intrigued by works that create an interesting narrative and will consider individual monographs.

Regretfully technical & how-to photography books will not be considered for review.

Send submission inquires with Book Submission within the subject line to:

For book and publication submissions include a link to your book’s website.



We will consider article submissions that are pertinent to the the artist and photographic book community.

Send submission inquires with Editorial Submission within the subject line to:

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  1. linked to your site from “Exposure Comp” blog. Looking for Rss feed for posts to ad you to my feedreader, can only find one for comments…do you have one for posts?

  2. I know that others are using feedreader for posts, but I will check on my settings, as I did not place any blocks on feedreaders or Rss feeds.

    1. I prefer not to review unpublished work, but I may provide some feedback on a book dummy. I do not evaluate virtual books or book PDFs, but I am very interested in the book as an object.

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