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Although we are not a non-profit organization, we really lack any income, thus essentially a no-profit (low income) organization that is entirely volunteer run. Nevertheless, we do incur expenses to operate, increasingly so these past few years. So we are having our first PBJ fund raiser by selling some photobooks that we think might benefit with a new home. Okay, we suspect asking for an outright donation is probably not going to get very much traction, but if you are so inspired, please use our PayPal donation account that will gladly accept euros, dollars, yen and other valid currencies. If you think that you or your organization would enjoy advertising with us, by all means send us an email inquiry;

For our first fund raiser, we have five brand new books to offer, all First Editions still in the original factory shrink wrap and one limited edition artist book. Wohooo! The shipping costs and taxes may vary depending on destination, thus please inquire as to the final cost before we provide a PayPal invoice. These sales are final and on a first come basis.

Most of these books have been reviewed by the Journal. Which means we also have a few used review copies to sell as well and if that book is available, the ‘very slightly used’ price is adjacent.

Please consider supporting us by purchasing one of our photographic books.

To order a book contact us at


Ron Jude – Lick Creek Line

Published by MACK Books
First Edition, 2012
Condition: New, original shrink wrap
ISBN: 9781907946172
Price: $300 USD

Paperback with jacket
Trim Size: 29.2 x 25.7 cm, 112 pages

Extends and amplifies Jude’s ongoing fascination with the vagaries of photographic empiricism, and the gray area between documentation and fiction. In a sequential narrative punctuated by contrasting moments of violence and beauty, Jude follows the rambling journey of a fur trapper, methodically checking his trap line in a remote area of Idaho in the Western United States. Through converging pictures of landscapes, architecture, an encroaching resort community, and the solitary, secretive process of trapping pine marten for their pelts, Lick Creek Line underscores the murky and culturally arbitrary nature of moral critique. 


Joel Sternfeld – American Prospects

Published by D.A.P., printed by Steidl
First Edition, 2003 (oversize, extra shipping costs)
Condition: New, original shrink wrap
ISBN: 9781891024771 
Price: $300 USD

Hardback / Clothbound 
Trim size: 38 x 30 cm, 152 pages, 71 images

First published in 1987 to critical acclaim, the seminal American Prospects has been likened to Walker Evans American Photographs and Robert Frank’s The Americans in both its ability to visually summarize the zeitgeist of a decade and to influence the course of photography following its publication. This definitive edition of American Prospects contains sixteen new pictures, most of which have neither been published nor exhibited. Freed from the size constraints of previous editions, Sternfeld includes portraits and portraits in the landscape which elucidate the human condition in America. The result is a more complex and rounded view of American society that strongly anticipates Sternfeld’s “Stranger Passing” series (1985–2000).


Michael O’Brien – Hard Ground

Published by University of Texas Press, Austin
First Edition 2011,
Condition: New, in original shrink wrap
ISBN 9780292726499
Price: $190.00 USD SOLD
(Used, Fine condition also available: $150.00 USD)

Hardcover with dust cover
Trim size: 9 x 11.75”, 184 pages 88 B&W
Out of Print

O’Brien joins with renowned singer-songwriter Tom Waits, to create a portrait of homelessness that impels us to look into the eyes of people who live “on the hard ground” and recognize our common humanity. Combining their formidable talents in photography and poetry, O’Brien and Waits have crafted a work in the spirit of Let Us Now Praise Famous Men, in which James Agee’s text and Walker Evans’s photographs were “coequal, mutually independent, and fully collaborative” elements. Hard Ground transcends documentary and presents independent, yet powerfully complementary views of the trials of homelessness and the resilience of people who survive on the streets.


Beth Yarnelle Edwards – Suburban Dreams

Published by Kehrer Verlag
First Edition 2011
Condition: New, in original shrink wrap
ISBN 9783868281842
Price: $35.00 USD SOLD
(Used, fine condition also available: $30.00)

Trim size: 30 x 24 cm, 96 pages, 55 color illustrations 
Out of print

Since 1997 photographer Beth Yarnelle Edwards has been making photographs in idyllic suburban middle-class settings in America and Europe. Edwards approaches scenes of everyday life with a mixture of documentary interest and cinematographic staging. She combines real-life settings with philosophical truths, thus conveying images of loneliness, of constant media exposure, of minor escapes and major yearnings. Without making any value judgments, the pictures give us a revealing glimpse of interpersonal relationships, domestic rituals, customs and leisure pastimes.


Civilization, The Way We Live Now, Editors William A. Ewing and Holly Roussell

Published by Thames & Hudson
First Edition 2018 
Condition: New, in original shrink wrap
ISBN: 978-0-500-02170-5
Price: $45.00 USD SOLD

Trim size: 10 x 12 inches, 352 pages (heavy)

With close to 500 images, many previously unpublished, this landmark publication takes stock of the material and spiritual cultures that make up “civilization.” Ranging from the ordinary to the extraordinary, from our great collective achievements to our ruinous collective failings, Civilization: The Way We Live Now explores the complexity of contemporary civilization through the rich, nuanced language of photography.

Featuring images by some 140 photographersfrom Reiner Riedlers families at leisure parks, Raimond Woudas high schools, Wang Qingsongs Work, Work, Work and Cindy Shermans Society Portraits, to Lauren Greenfields displays of ostentatious wealth, Edward Burtynskys oil fields, Pablo Lopez Luzs views on a sprawling contemporary megapolis, Thomas Struths images of high technology, Xing Danwens electronic wastelands and Taryn Simons Contraband, Civilization draws together the threads of humankinds ever-changing, frenetic, collective life across the globe.


Douglas Stockdale – Middle Ground

Self-published, 2018

Edition size: 99 + 5AP, each signed and numbered

Stiff covers with French folds, Leporello design, hand bound by artist

Trim Size: 6-1/2 x 8-1/2”, 66 pages, 31 color photographs (blank verso), extends 21 feet

Condition: New

Price: $59.00 USD

A photobook of innovatively presented and artfully sequenced freeway observations. The 31 photographs that Douglas Stockdale has arranged in leporello (accordion) fashion constitute a panorama of barriers. We sense the static moments of being stuck in stop-and-go traffic, repeated moments sufficient to take photographs of dividers put up for traffic purposes, with ‘beautification’planters placed behind them. There is the aggravation of heavy traffic along the Interstate 5 route toward the border in San Diego; there is the annoyance and challenge of being separated from that which lies beyond the barriers. And we observe details: some houses, some palm trees, the national flag almost beyond reach, and other structures to which we can’t immediately relate. And yet there must be other people there … who and where might they be? And some of the barriers are much less than perfect, they show damage or are surrounded by debris. It is a less than perfect, seemingly endless constructed landscape.

So we can consider this project, which is a typology of barriers, a metaphor for the barriers and separators of all kinds that people wish to throw between and among us. Especially in our current moment in time there are many whose main task is to foment social, racial, and/or economic anger and pin it on the “others,” whether we are talking about ethnic, social, economic, or other groups. An autobiographical investigation of separation anxiety by the photographer.


Articles & photographs published on PhotoBook Journal may not be reproduced without the permission of the PhotoBook Journal staff and the photographer(s).

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