Book stores

Places to purchase photobooks:

Note: unless stated otherwise, the link has English text and this list is not inclusive, but pretty darn good! To update your listing, add a listing or inform us that the book store is no longer in business, please contact Debe, our Resource Manager (

23 Sandy Gallery, Portland, OR

Abrams Books, New York, NY

A-Jump Books;

Ampersand Books & Gallery, Portland, OR

Amstelbooks, Amsterdam, the Nederlands

Anzenberger Gallery Bookstore, Vienna, Austria

Aperture Bookstore, New York, NY

Arcana Books, Culver City, CA

Athenaeum Bookshop, Amsterdam, NL

Beyond Words, Webstore, Edinburgh, UK

Biblio Photo, Paris, France (French)

Boekie Woekie, Amsterdam, NL

Book Alley, Pasadena, CA

Books are Nice, Webstore, Miami, FL

Book of Days, Webstore, Japan (Japanese)

Book Soup, Hollywood, CA

Book Stand, Los Angeles, CA

books & books, Miami, FL

Bondi Books – Tokyo, Japan

Buecherbogen, Berlin (Deutsch), Germany

Cafe Lehmitz,  Webstore, (Deutsch & English), Germany

Claire de Rouen, London, UK

Carpe Diem, Monterey, CA

Central Booking, NYC, NY

Chloet et Denis Ozanne, Paris, France (French)

Dashwood Books, NYC, NY

Dalpine, Madrid, Spain

Dispara Xestión Cultural, Pontevedra, Spain (Spanish)

Deichtorhallen Book Shop > House of Photography, Hamburg, Germany (English & Deutsch);

Dia Books, Beacon, NY;

Dispara Tienda, Webstore, La Estrada, Spain (Spanish);

Donlon Books, London, UK:

Florence Loewy Book by Artists, Paris, France (French);

Flotsam Books, Webstore, Tokyo, Japan (Japanese)

Flying Books, Shibuya Tokyo, Japan (Japanese);

Fotovision bookstore;

Grenade In a Jar Books, Webstore, Santa Fe, NM

Grant Librería, Madrid, Spain

Harper’s Books, East Hampton, NY;

Hennessey + Ingalls,  Los Angeles, CA;

Huis Marseille, Amsterdam, NL;

Hochparterre Bucher, Zurich, Switzerland (Deutsch);

Hors Format bookstore; Brussels, Belgium;

ICP (International Center of Photography), NYC, NY;

Inc-Livros Edições de Autor, Porto, Portugal

Japan Exposures, Webstore, Japan (English & Japanese) – Libaririe Japnaise, Paris, France (French & Japanese);

Jeu de Paume, Paris, France (English & French);

Karma Books, NYC, NY ;

Kominek Gallery, Berlin, Germany;

Konst/ig Books, Webstore, Sweden;

bokhandeln Konstig, Stockholm, Sweden (see Konst/ig Books above)

La Chambre Claire, Paris, France (French);

La Fabrica, Madrid, Spain;

Le BAL,  Paris, France;

L’Ascenseur Vegetal, Webstore, France (French & English);

Le Mur, Photo Gallery & Bookstore, Madrid, Spain (not on line yet)

Le Plac’ Art Photo Sarl, Paris, France;

LeadApron, Los Angeles, CA;

Librairie Photographique, Paris, France (French)

Mecanic, Barcelona, Spain

MiCamera, Milano, Italy;

Mona Lisait, Paris, France;

Monograph Bookwerks; Portland, OR;

Motto Books, Various locations;

Perimeter Books, Melbourne, Australia;

PH, Tokyo, Japan;

Photo Book Corner, Webstore, Lisbon, Portugal;

Photo Book Store, Webstore, UK:

photo-eye, Webstore, Santa Fe, NM;

Photographers Gallery, London, UK;

PhotoQ Bookshop, Amsterdam, NL;

PhotoTitles, Webstore, Lincolnshire, UK;

Powells Books, Portland, OR;

Printed Matter, NYC, NY;

Purr Libros, Buenos Aries, Argentina;

RRB Photobooks, webstore, Bristol, UK;

RVB Books, Paris, France (English & French);

Spaces Corners, Pittsburgh, PA;

Strand Books, NYC, NY;

STET Livros e Fotografias, Lisbon, Portugal (English e Portuguese);

The Library Project, Dublin, Ireland;

Ti Pi Tin, London, UK;

Tipi Bookshop, Brussels, Belgium;

Vincent Borrelli, Bookseller, Albuquerque, NM;

Wessel & Lieberman Booksellers ABAA, Seattle, WA;

XYZ Books, Lisbon, Portugal;

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    1. Pavel, thanks, we don’t monitor which books stores are open and depend on our updates from our readers. Thanks & removed from the list!

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