PhotoBook Journal – Issue #37

Welcome to our 37th Issue •

We present another broad selection of book reviews: a couple of titles that we featured during Earth Day week, one photobook about family that is being highlighted in Ann Mitchell’s new showcase about Family and a photobook by one of our own contributing editors, Brian O’Neill.

With more vaccinations and a slowing of the COVID pandemic, I am happy to note that on-site book fairs and photographic events are occurring again. Most recently was CODEX (CA Bay Area), MissRead (Berlin), PhotoLucida (Portland) and this coming weekend is the Medium Festival (San Diego) where you will find me and some of the other staff of PhotoBook Journal at the book talks and book signing events. Please say Hello and show us your books.

We are again honored to curate six photobooks to complement Ann Mitchell’s on-going series, Thinking About Photography. For the month of May, concurrent with Mother’s Day, her poignant theme is ‘Photography + Family’.

Personal News: My artist book The Flow of Light Brushes the Shadow is being published under my new imprint Singular Images Press this Fall. This is my long term project that investigates anxiety (mine) to highlight the need for mental health awareness.

Douglas Stockdale
Senior Editor
IG @thephotobookjournal


Book reviews featured in April 2022:

Caroline Irby – Somebody Else’s Mother

What is it that constitutes family? Is it a matter of love, or bloodline alone? Is family determined by time spent together… (more)


Kirk Crippens – So Long

When the title of a book has a double meaning, I am delighted from the start. “So long” can mean saying goodbye… (more)


Alan Gignoux – Mountain Tops to Moonscapes

Coal mining in American is predominately in a region known as Appalachia, a divisive term applied to parts of Eastern Kentucky, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Virginia… (more)


Brian O’Neill – Beach Boulevard

Although Brian O’Neill’s southern California subject, Beach Boulevard, extends from the San Gabriel mountains to the Pacific Ocean, his emphasis appears to circle around one of the end-points… (more)


Fran Foreman – The Rest Between Two Notes

Fran Forman is a visual magician, a multi-talented storyteller with many mysterious tales, who shares with us a lifetime of experiences that she has deeply felt…. (more)


Rita Leistner – Forest for the Trees

Interestingly, this book is not directly about climate change, per se, but speaks indirectly to what is required to support renewable natural resources… (more)


Laila Nahar – I Have Been Here Before

As we mature it seems that old family photographs become more bittersweet. Or at least these seem to me. We observe that the many individuals depicted… (more)


Adger Cowans – ADGER

Would you agree that images which come from the heart appeal to you the most? Then you are in the right place to survey the superb visions…. (more)


Ann Mitchell’s showcase on Thinking About Photography: Photographers and Family

Featured Photobooks curated by the staff of the Photobook Journal: by Caroline Irby / @carolineirby, Jamie Johnson / @jamiejohnsonphotography, Karen Marshall / @kmphoto, Peter Puklus / @peterpuklus, Jerry Takigawa / @jerrytakigawa, and Julia Vandenoever / @juliavandenoever.


Douglas Stockdale – The Flow of Light Brushes the Shadow

The Flow of Light Brushes the Shadow (book-dummy) copyright 2022 Douglas Stockdale

I am very excited to announce that I will be publishing my latest artist book The Flow of Light Brushes the Shadow under my new imprint, Singular Images Press. IG @singularimagespress

Anxiety is considered one of the most prevalent health conditions globally. It is an elusive and silent condition that affects an estimated 40 million adults in the U.S. and 284 million adults worldwide. As I have found out, anxiety is a condition that can go undetected for many years.

This is a hybrid artist book, partially printed by a commercial printer and part by me, which will incorporate a signed archival pigment print, which I will hand-bind with a pamphlet stitch. (book-dummy, above). This is my fourth artist book and sixth publication.

I have started a pre-publication sale of the Artist book in conjunction with offering an Artist Special Edition, a book + signed and numbered archival pigment print, to raise funds for the production of this book. Publishing sale details are here.

Thank you in advance for your consideration and support.

Douglas Stockdale


Articles & photographs published on PhotoBook Journal may not be reproduced without the permission of the PhotoBook Journal staff and the photographer(s).

All images and text are © of the individual photographer/artist and/or author.

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