PhotoBook Journal – Issue #12


Welcome to our 12th issue •

This is our 12th issue, marking the first year of our magazine format. No one anticipated that on our first anniversary the entire world would be struggling with a COVID-19 pandemic.

I would like to think this event has provided many of you with more book-reading time and an opportunity to poke around in our archives of 700+ book reviews that have been published over the past ten years. Hope you have found something inspiring.

We also welcome Rudy Vega as a Guest book reviewer, whose frequent trips to Japan prepared him well for his review of Liam Wong’s photobook TO:KY:OO.

Our entire team is in lock-down, which works well for a virtual magazine organization. Speaking for myself, it has given me time to catch up on photobooks that have been lingering on the side, patiently waiting their turn for a review.

Cheers & please stay healthy and safe,
Douglas Stockdale
Editor & Publisher


Book Reviews during March:

Christian Michael Filardo – Gerontion

Christian Michael Filardo_Gerontion_cover

Each photograph in Christian Michael Filardo’s Gerontion is a puzzle, a mystery, an enigma. Gerontiontakes its… (more)

Bea Nettles – Harvest of Memory


In our age of ubiquitous selfies and “mixed media” it is refreshing to review the work of an artist who is truly… (more)

Andreas Mader – Days, Life / Die Tage Das Leben 1988–2018


Traditional family photo albums and internet visuals of families are commonplace… (more)

Robert Frank – Good Days Quiet


Good Days Quiet, Robert Frank’s final book – or the final book he would have made editorial contribution to… (more)

Liam Wong – TO:KY:OO


When one picks up this new photobook by Liam Wong and starts to peruse its pages, one immediately recognizes… (more)

Harry Gruyaert – Last Call


The allure of air travel seems a distant memory in our current era of long lines, invasive security… (more)

Edited by Stephen McLaren – Magnum Streetwise


When offered the opportunity to review Magnum’s new collection of… (more)

Jonas Byström – Winter White


While it’s officially spring on the calendar, snow is making its last stand in many places around the world.… (more)

Clay Maxwell Jordan – Nothing’s Coming Soon


They say that the American South is a land in transition what with the incursions of globalization and the… (more)

Maxim Dondyuk – Culture of Confrontation


In these crazy times it is especially disheartening to view violent scenes of man-made confrontations between… (more)


Lafcadio Hearn & Hiroshi Watanabe – KWAIDAN


Backstory: Kwaidan: Stories and Studies of Strange Things is a new edition book of classic short, Japanese, horror… (more)


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