Hiroshi Watanabe – 99 Findings

copyright the photographers Earlier this year I had the great pleasure to be included in a iPad App project that brought together my friend and photographer Hirohsi Watanabe, videographer Michal Kastenam and myself, as the interviewer, to expand on an earlier Watanabe photobook Findings a photobook which I had reviewed in 2009. Watanabe was a Critical Mass winner and the resulting... Continue Reading →

Hiroshi Watanabe – Ideology in Paradise

Copyright Hiroshi Watanabe 2008 published by Mado-sha Co. Ltd With the recent the passing of Kim Jong II and the changes to the family leadership in North Korea I am motivated by an opportunity to review an earlier photobook by Hiroshi Watanabe who was allowed “access” to travel and photograph within North Korea in 2007. Hiroshi states,... Continue Reading →

Hiroshi Watanabe – Love Point

Copyright Hiroshi Watanabe 2010, courtesy Hiroshi Watanabe and Toesisha Publishing On first viewing of Hiroshi Watanabe’s Love Point I find his studio portraits to be beautiful and aesthetically wonderful with a mysterious charm. the underlying subject is a little more socially probing than I find in his earlier works. Watanabe’s photographic studio portraits are somehow familiar. These... Continue Reading →

Hiroshi Watanabe – Findings

Photographs copyright of Hiroshi Watanabe courtesy of Photolucida In Hiroshi Watanabe's book Finding published by Photolucida is the grand prize winner of the 2006 Critical Mass. While reading this book I find that I am always looking at life through a veil. There always seems to be something between me and what I think the subject is.  Which may be... Continue Reading →

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