John Gossage – The Thirty Two Inch Ruler – Map of Babylon

John Gossage copyright 2010 courtesy Steidl

Photographer: John Gossage (born New York City, resides Washington DC)

Publisher: Steidl Verlag (Germany)

Essays: John Gossage, Gerhard Steidl

Text: English

Two companion volumes, hardcover book with reversible dust cover (The Thirty Two Inch Ruler on one side, Map of Babylon on the opposing), sewn binding, four-color lithography, printed in Germany

Photobook designer: Steidl works

Notes: The two volumes were conceived during the presidency of George W. Bush and Gossage’s primary subject is a Washington DC suburb where he lives, but this same area is a guarded community of foreign embassies and political residencies. Gossage’s metaphoric images provide a subtle and complex dark humor.

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