PhotoBook Journal – Issue #12

Welcome to our 12th issue • This is our 12th issue, marking the first year of our magazine format. No one anticipated that on our first anniversary the entire world would be struggling with a COVID-19 pandemic. I would like to think this event has provided many of you with more book-reading time and an... Continue Reading →

Robert Frank – Good Days Quiet

Book review by Steve Harp • Good Days Quiet, Robert Frank’s final book – or the final book he would have made editorial contribution to – continues the series of books published by Steidl “organizing” Frank’s archives in the twilight of his career. Subtitled “memories from Robert” the book alternates photographs (interior and exterior) of... Continue Reading →

Robert Frank – Paris

Book review by Douglas Stockdale • After purchasing Robert Frank's PARIS, published by Steidl in 2008, I have been hesitating to publish my book review. Part of my procrastination was purchasing a copy of Frank's The Americans, published by Steidl as part of their "Robert Frank Project", as a baseline for comparison. I am happy that I did buy... Continue Reading →

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