PhotoBook Journal – Issue #10


Welcome to our Tenth Issue! •

We have just entered a new decade that we are starting with a broad selection of photobooks this month, as well as an interview with photo-documentary photographer and film-maker Louie Palu, who is no stranger to creative book publications.

We have selected a thoughtful combination of published and self-published photobooks that we hope you will find inspiring. Two of which, Alan Gignoux’s Oil Sands and Kevin Bubriski’s Mustang in Black and White, were First Place winners of LACP’s 2019 Photo Book Competition that I was honored to jury along with our Associate Editor, Gerhard Clausing.

Cheers & Enjoy
Douglas Stockdale
Editor & Publisher


Book Reviews and Articles in January:

Charles Fréger – Cimarron. Freedom and Masquerade


Charles Fréger’s latest photobook presents an intriguing photographic and… (more)

Michael Crouser – Mountain Ranch


Sometimes words fail, and in the case of reviewing Michael Crouser’s photobook Mountain Ranch, this is… (more)

Alan Gignoux – Oil Sands


The double edged sword of the vast Oil Sands of Alberta Canada is a major economic boon to the region in conjunction with… (more)

Florian Reischauer – Pieces of Berlin

0-Reischauer Pieces Berlin

How to portray a city through its residents? The city of Berlin is certainly one of the most diverse places in the world…. (more)

Sarah Hadley– Lost Venice


The loss of a parent is always emotionally difficult regardless of one’s age, perhaps especially if this event occurs early in one’s life. The ways… (more)

Kevin Bubriski – Mustang in Black and White


What initially struck me in reading Kevin Bubriski’s latest photobook… (more)

Michael Ashkin – were it not for


“Were it not for.” What a perfect phrase for our Trumpian times. With these four words you can claim responsibility and… (more)

Roberto Aguirrezabala – War Edition

0-War Edition

No matter how many times some of us advocate brain over brawn, war seems to be an ever-present specter… (more)

Shane Lavalette – Syracuse


What defines a city? Civic boosters point to all manner of urban amenities, but highways and freeways are seldom among them…. (more)

Photobook Journal Interview – Louie Palu

Photographer Louie Palu (Credit Image: © Louie Palu/ZUMA Press)
Photographer Louie Palu (Credit Image: © Louie Palu/ZUMA Press)

I have been following Louie Palu’s photographic career for what seems ages as his break-out book project Cage Call, the riveting photographs he made in the Canadian mines…(more)


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