PhotoBook Journal – Issue #32

Welcome to our 32nd Issue •

As the month of November draws to a close, we begin our holiday season with the start of Hanukkah and our staff picks for our list of “Interesting Artist and PhotoBooks for 2021.” I think that this list is diverse as ever and it is not meant to be the “Best” photobooks for the year (although many will be). Many of our books are off the beaten path and provide a concept, idea or a narrative that should warrant a second consideration.

This year we initiated a book-sale fundraiser to help cover our on-going expenses, which did a really fine job. Nevertheless, we appreciate your consideration on this Giving Tuesday for a donation to PhotoBook Journal.  Even though we are not officially non-profit, we certainly are an all volunteer no-profit organization. This will help keep us going. Thank you!

We wish you a Happy Holiday season!

Douglas Stockdale
Senior Editor


Books featured in November 2021:

Richard Sharum – Campesino Cuba

We all know Cuba as that land of classic but disintegrating American cars, Fidel Castro, cigar-making and smoking, the evils of communism, classic but… (more)


Roger Bruhn – Pictures of No Consequence

Spending time with this photobook has some consequences, in spite of the title, which is probably somewhat facetious. What is street photography?… (more)


Stephanie Duprie Routh – Where the Ocean Drinks the Sky

The 2018 dreamy lyrics of ‘When the Ocean Drinks the Sky’ from Lord Huron’s song ‘When the Night is Over’ has inspired a number of artists, most recently… (more)


Stacy Mehrfar – The Moon Belongs to Everyone

Stacy Mehrfar’s dark book, The Moon Belongs to Everyone, recently published by GOST Books is unsettlingly, and I believe deservedly so. Even the book’s title is a bit vexing, a generalization for all… (more)


Johannes Groht – Nice Not Nice

The items on the shelves – daily staples of life – were recognizable but different: packaging, the numbering units for pricing and size, the product names.  They were uncanny in the sense of being familiar, while at… (more)


Tim Walker – Story Teller

This large and colorful collection of images represents a fruitful intersection of fashion photography and fine art. Tim Walker is a joyful interpreter of contemporary… (more)


Sal Taylor Kydd – Yesterday

During a pandemic, during the worst of the chaos and angst, many of us must have found themselves reflecting on the past framed by the current moment. Sal Taylor Kydd in her latest poetic narrative… (more)


SameSource – Underside

The swimming pool of a Mid-Century Modern Southern California home in Palm Springs, designed by a renowned architect, seems like the perfect spot and a fitting context for continuing one’s artistic studies of the human figure…. (more)


Interesting Artist and PhotoBooks for 2021

These sixteen books represent an amazing range of contemporary photography, and our team of volunteer professionals is proud to honor Regina Anzenberger, Matt Black, Emanuel Cederqvist, Lars Eidinger, Thana Faroq, Donna Ferrato, Misha Friedman, Johannes Groht, Abbey Hepner, Yumiko Izu, Ellen Korth, Ken Light, Katherine Longly, Peter Puklus, Paula Riff (in memoriam), and Wouter Vanhees. The book reviews of most are linked and we intend to review the remaining books shortly. Please remember to support authors and publishers with your book purchases whenever you can; the pandemic has been a difficult period for everyone. The complete list is here. Enjoy!


Articles & photographs published on PhotoBook Journal may not be reproduced without the permission of the PhotoBook Journal staff and the photographer(s).

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