PhotoBook Journal – Issue #6

LACP Exposure Weekend Book Exhibit-2

Welcome to Issue #6 (September 2019) •

September was a busy month for us with a lot of activities around the LACP Exposure Weekend: book design class by Elizabeth Avedon, the LACP Photographic Book Competition exhibition opening and an interesting book panel discussion. Of course, a few book reviews as well.

We also welcome Steve Harp, Associate Professor of Photography at DePaul University, to our Editorial team with the publication of his first book review, Paulo Nozolino’s Loaded Shine.

Another Resource page that we have been updating is the Book Fairs & Festivals page, which has the various events listed alphabetically and chronological. All the great places to find new books, an opportunity for photographers and publishers to meet new collectors and always a time and place to network (and party!)

Have a very creative Fall.

Cheers & Enjoy
Douglas Stockdale
Editor & Publisher


Book reviews, interviews and NEWS in September 2019 (Issue #6) includes:

Andrii Dostliev – Occupation


The occupation of land by a hostile foreign power is a phenomenon that seems to repeat itself, over and over, and thus it… (more)


Mike Tyka – Portraits of Imaginary People


In 1992 an intriguing book with the title The Reconfigured Eye was published by MIT Press. In our current age of “fakery… (more)


Shane Lavalette – Still (Noon)


Shane Lavalette was commissioned to follow the footsteps of the Swiss photographer Theo Frey (1908–1997), one of the… (more)


Rohina Hoffman – Hair Stories


Considering that photographer Rohina Hoffman’s day job is as a neurologist studying what goes on in a person’s mind… (more)


Paulo Nozolino – Loaded Shine


When I saw the title of Paulo Nozolino’s newest monograph, Loaded Shine (Steidl, 2018), I immediately was reminded… (more)



LACP Exposure Weekend – Photographic Book Events

09-14-19_Sarah Hadley_LACP 2019 book exhibition_KI6A2559_Douglas_Stockdale

The Los Angeles Center of Photography (LACP) 2019 Exposure Weekend, held at the Hotel Mdr in Marina del Rey, California, incorporated a number of photobook events… (more)


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  1. Hi George,

    Thanks, we did not have the Silver Eye Book Fair on our list, which has just been update to include this event. Regretfully I have a big commitment that is in conflict for this year’s Silver Eye event, but being from this area of PA, it’s now on my radar.

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