PhotoBook Journal – Issue #3


For June, Issue #3, we feature a broad spectrum of photobooks: photo-documentary, conflict aftermath, introspective look at what is home, conceptual investigations and artistic interpretations. I suspect that there is something for just about everyone as we attempt to examine a cross-current of contemporary photographic books available today.

Our NEWS article is highlighting a new left coast photobook event: Los Angeles Center of Photography (LACP) first photobook competition in conjunction with their 5th annual EXPOSURE Weekend (Portfolio Reviews, Seminars & Workshops). The juried books will be exhibited both during the EXPOSURE Weekend as well as for the following month in the LACP gallery. We are absolutely delighted that the PhotoBook Journal is a Sponsor of this new book competition and the jury includes both Gerhard Clausing, the Associate Editor of PhotoBook Journal, and myself. I am really looking forward to all of the book submissions and I would not be surprised if some of these photobooks are featured in PhotoBook Journal.

Looking ahead we are still planning to make some tweaks to the design of the magazine’s layout and the structure of the book reviews so expect some changes over the next few months. If you have some suggestions for what we need to consider in our photobook coverage and how we present it, please send your ideas and thoughts to me: 

Cheers & Enjoy!
Douglas Stockdale
Editor & Publisher

Book reviews in June include:


Karianne Bueno’s Doug’s Cabin, a review by Wayne Swanson; It’s not easy to find Doug’s cabin. Or Doug himself, for that matter. Doug lives deep in the rainforest at the remote…(more)


SameSource’s Reinterpreted, a review by Gerhard Clausing; Depictions of nudity have a long history, going back in painting for many centuries, and in photography to its beginnings…(more)


Charalampos Kydonakis’s Warn’d in Vain, a review by Gerhard Clausing; As we know from history, the Greeks are distinguished seafarers and explorers, going back to ancient times. Part of the…(more)


Miquel Gonzalez’s Memoria Perdida, a review by Wayne Swanson; “Let’s go for a walk.” That might sound like a pleasant invitation, but in the Spain of dictator Francisco Franco, it was…(more)


Caleb Cain Marcus’s A Brief Moment After Death, a review by Douglas Stockdale and Dan Johns; What transpires after one’s earthly passing? The earthly body ceases to function, but what of one’s spirit, essence, soul or… (more)


Aline Smithson’s Los Angeles, a review by Douglas Stockdale; The Kris Graves Projects Lost series are regional investigations each by a photographer who calls it home…(more)


Eamonn Doyle’s Made in Dublin, a review by Gerhard Clausing; This photobook is a delightful symphony, a cinematic kaleidoscope, and all of that to present a dynamic portrait of…(more)


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