Lukas Felzmann – Gull Juju


Copyright 2015 Lukas Felzmann

Photographer: Lukas Felzmann (born Zurich, CH, resides SF, CA, USA)

Publisher: Lars Muller Publishers (Switzerland)

Essays: Lukas Felzmann,

Text: English

Hardcover book, sewn binding, four-color lithography, printed and bound by Kosel in Germany

Photobook designer: Lukas Felzmann & Integral Lars Muller

Notes: Much like his scientific subject, Felzmann provides a well organized investigation of a unique place, a bird and animal sanctuary located on Farallon Island off the coast of California. It is an introspective study, probing a place where birds roost, mice have gone wild, and the scientific man is interested in how all of the elements and animals thrive and seemingly co-exist over time. Felzmann states “My own work is an archive, formed through an emotional relationship to place and the photographic possibility of creating a metaphor….observing the scientists, I realized that working together in a system or as a community is a creative act.”

Previous Lukas Felzmann photobooks reviewed on The PhotoBook: Swarm (2012), Waters in Between (2009)










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