Martin Toft – Atlantus


Martin Toft Copyright 2015

Photographer: Martin Toft (born Denmark & resides in Jersey, Channel Islands, UK)

Photographic Archivist: Gareth Syvret (resides in Jersey, Channel Islands, UK)

Publisher: Self-published in conjunction with Societe Jersiaise

Essays: Gareth Syvret

Text: English

Collection of Five (5) softcover zines (Atlantus, Portraits, Precious Galinthia, The Atlantic World, The Transoceanic Journey), unbound, four-color Flexographic printing, printed by PlatformP, Netherlands

Photobook designer: Kummer & Herrman (Utrecht, Netherlands)

Notes: This is a layered, fragmented and intriguing attempt to compare two complex cultural and geographic regions, the island of Jersey, Channel Islands, UK and the state of New Jersey, USA. These two places face each other across the vast expanse of the Atlantic Ocean and trace their roots back to a historical, but related, past. Billed as a multi-functional newspaper and DIY exhibition as some assembly is required. Btw to assemble a complete exhibition of this work, two copies of Atlantus are required. Nicely executed.

Cheers, Doug







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