The Aftermath Project – Volume V


Copyright the photographers published by The Aftermath Project

The Aftermath Project has just published the fifth (V) of it series of volumes in which they examine and create a dialog around War, which is “only half the story”, or perhaps better stated by Sara Terry, Founder of The Aftermath Project; “offer(s) a rich and complex visual conversation about post-conflict issues.”

The Grant Winner for volume V is Davide Montelone (Italy), also the finalist for covering the same post-conflict subject in the Northern Caucasus in 2009. The finalist are Elizabeth Herman (USA) for her work on the women of Bangladesh, Miquel Dewever-Plana (France) for his investigation of the conflict in Guatemala, Carlos Javier Ortiz (US) the issues of conflict in the US within the schools and the team of Massimo Mastrorillo and Lara Ciarabellini (Italy) of the aftermath of the Bosnian War in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

All of The Aftermath Projects are all printed in the same stiff cover style and relative large layout format, with extensive captions provided for each photograph at the end of each photographers section.

Douglas Stockdale for The PhotoBook

My review of the The Aftermath Project II can be found here; The Aftermath Project II











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  1. First time that I really see a book that catch my interest in your blog. I was near to close my subscription but now I am curious what other books you can show apart of the lightly artsy and staged photos. Many thanks

  2. I love your the way you arrange photos into stories. Actually, I do not understand much in English, but from looking at the pictures I can understand what happenned there somehow

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