PhotoBook Journal Issue #42

Welcome to our 42nd Issue •

With this issue we launch into the Fall 2022 releases with ten intriguing book reviews that vary from the classics of Kenzo Izo, a retrospective of Vivian Maier, a more controversial investigation by Laurence Philomène, a pulse on the ongoing climate change crisis by Ragnar Axelsson and Emmet Gowin, and last, David Butow’s documentation of the chaos of the last election which culminated in the January 6th attempted overthrow of America’s democracy.

This month I have not been entirely on top of my game regarding book submissions due to an unexpected surgery (that was successful), which has really slowed me down for much of the month. My apologies if you were wondering why you might not have heard back from us yet, so please understand that we will be in touch soon. I really want to thank my editorial team for a stellar job keeping this boat afloat with a steady stream of excellent book reviews.

We are also featuring Ann Mitchell’s Thinking About Photography article featuring photographers who create artist book, in which my artist book is featured, as well as the six artist books that we curated. A wonderful opportunity to investigate the interesting world of artist books.

Douglas Stockdale
Senior Editor
IG @thephotobookjournal


Book reviews featured in September 2022:

Vivian Maier

Most fans of documentary and fine art photography are familiar with Ms. Maier’s work as well as the fascinating and… (more)


Sandra Baachi – Watermelons Are Not Strawberries

Raising kids is hard even without additional challenges, such as multiple food allergies and some learning difficulties… (more)


Harvey Stein – Coney Island People: 50 Years

What moment can be more appropriate than a major holiday to write about a book of 50+ years of photographs documenting… (more)


Thomas Kellner – Tango Metropolis

How does one get the Tower Bridge of London to dance? Thomas Kellner has found a way, and it can be seen… (more)


Ragnar Axelsson – Where the World is Melting

I discovered the work of Ragnar Axelsson in a slim volume I came across in a small photo bookstore/gallery in Reykjavik in… (more)


Emmet Gowin – The One Hundred Circle Farm

Who has not flown over America’s Great Plains witnessing the immense circular patterns created by the farmers and wondered if… (more)


Dawn Suratt & Sal Taylor Kydd – A Passing Song

During the COVID-19 pandemic a number of creative projects resulted from the forced need to isolate from one another that… (more)


Laurence Philomène – Puberty

Puberty and coming of age—a time to look inward as one reaches out to the world. We are not all the same, and in accepting and welcoming various different… (more)


Kenro Izo – Impermanence

At first glance, Impermanence seems an unlikely title for a monograph honoring the 50-year career of a master photographer and platinum printer whose work has… (more)


David Butow – Brink

Though we may wish that it were not so, now is not the age of poetry. We live in bombastic times. Giant waves crash, rivers flood, forests burn, plagues descend… (more)


Ann Mitchell – Thinking About PhotographyPhotographers and Artist Books

The Fall 2022 Showcase curated by Ann Mitchell that explores Photographers and the Artist books that they create. The PhotoBook Journal team curated an additional six artist books that we have reviewed over the past few years to further supplement Mitchell’s article. (more)


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All images and text are © of the individual photographer/artist and/or author.

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