PhotoBook Journal – Issue #38

PBJ Issue Number 38 •

With the transition into summer, we are providing some interesting reading opportunities for the poolside or on the beach. We also feature two recent in-person events that were inclusive of books to put on your radar for next year: the CODEX Book fair focused on artists books and the Medium Photo Festival 2022 included book artist talks and book signings.

We want to thank Feedspot for our Fifth consecutive year of #1 ranking on the web for sites that feature photographic books. This is a track record we will take pleasure in extending and is a wonderful validation of the high quality and in-depth book reviews that you have come to expect by our family of volunteer reviewers. Thank you!

I had intended to use this end-of-the-month newsletter to announce my next book development workshop with Southeast Center of Photography (SEC4P) in November, but it is already Sold Out…on the first day of the announcement…and in under four hours. Wow! What a honor and I think a wonderful validation of my efforts to develop a workshop that really helps artist and photographers work towards their publication goals. SEC4P has just established a waiting list, so if you are interested, consider signing up.

Last but hopefully not least, the pre-sale of my artist book, The Flow of Light Brushes the Shadow, is on-going. Thank you for your interest, especially as the Special Edition Artist Book (book plus print) is just about sold out now. Still time to pre-order and support this book about mental health awareness. Fall 2022 release by Singular Images Press in conjunction with Green publishing practices.

Douglas Stockdale
Senior Editor
IG @thephotobookjournal


Book reviews featured in April 2022:

scott b. davis – sonora

The focus of all this perversion is the portion of the vast Sonoran Desert that straddles the Mexican border with California and Arizona. This desert is davis’s muse… (more)


Marc Schroeder – ORDER 7161

…in 1944 Stalin in a little-known World War II side instruction known as “Order 7161” caused Romanian men and women of German descent to be deported into grueling forced labor camps… (more)


George Tice – Lifework

This retrospective monograph, Lifework, augments his earlier retrospective, while there is some overlap between the two, sharing some of Tice’s greatest hits….(more)


Simon Vansteenwinckel – Wuhan Radiography

When a photographer’s viewpoint and methodology are totally in tune with the subject matter and with the tenor of the times, we have a degree of… (more)


Brian Rose – Four Seasons Total Landscaping

Brian Rose is a commercial architectural photographer who on occasion is intrigued by the self-inflictions that seem to dog an ex-American president… (more)


Scot Sothern – Family Tree

The results of his early work are presented in this photobook, just published in connection with new gallery exhibits that connect this early project with new series… (more)


Bootsy Holler – Treasures

A booklet of bound postcards attempting to create a bridge, which in Holler’s case, is more of an endeavor to establish a personal connection rather than a document of a distant holiday vacation… (more)


CODEX Book Fair 2022

The CODEX VIII International Book Fair is a biennial event organized by the Codex Foundation, whose mission it is to showcase the hand-made art book in all its forms. The fair was originally scheduled for 2021, but like many things, was postponed a year due to the Pandemic. With COVID precautions in place, I was delighted to participate as an exhibitor when Codex again opened to the public, April 10th-14th, 2022. Full article available here.


Medium Photo Festival 2022

In a welcome sign that we are finally beginning to emerge from isolation, Medium Photo held an in-person event in May, their 2022 Festival, the first since the start of the COVID pandemic in 2020. The festival was held at the same location in the Lafayette Hotel in San Diego as it has in previous years. Full article available here.


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