PhotoBook Journal – Issue #34

Welcome to our 34th Issue •

This is our first Issue for 2022 that includes a review of Ken Light’s Course of the Empire and Peter Puklus’s The Hero Mother. How to Build a House, both of which are featured in our Interesting Artist and Photobooks for 2021.

Please enjoy

Douglas Stockdale
Senior Editor


Books featured in January 2022:

Ken Light – Course of the Empire

Perhaps the greatest compliment one can pay a photographer is to be so inspired by their work that you go out into the world and attempt to make pictures… (more)


Peter Puklus- The Hero Mother. How to Build a House.

The greatest challenge for parents-to-be in starting their own family is to switch back and forth between a wide variety of roles and to combine them harmoniously…. (more)


Anne Berry – Behind Glass

Anthropomorphism, that is giving human traits or attributes to animals, is probably most applicable when observing primates, those animals we seem to attribute… (more)


Martin Buday – Prophetic Kingdom

The everyday landscape is filled with the banal, the kitschy, and the mundane. But that doesn’t mean it can’t be artful and engaging…. (more)


Alex Harris – Our Strange New Land

Visual narration is an exciting endeavor in contemporary photobooks. Fact and fiction can reach some artful intermingling in this area. But while the creation of… (more)


R. J. Kern – The Unchosen Ones

Winning a competition is surely the goal of the participants. If the outcome is not what one expected, disappointment is… (more)


Rafal Milach – I Am Warning You

Living in Southern California, I have a familiarity with border walls, specifically the American-Mexican wall that lies less than 100 miles south of my home… (more)


Herbert Döring-Spengler – Photo-Sculptor

Throughout the 20th Century there were some artists that overcame the traditional rules of “straight” photography and dared to take liberties with their… (more)



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