PhotoBook Journal – Issue #27

Welcome to our 27th Issue •

We have begun our summer reading and hope you will consider some of our recently featured books to join you on your holiday adventures.

Douglas Stockdale
Senior Editor


Book reviews for June 2021:

Carissa Dorson – Conversations with Dad

Communicating with one’s parents can be quite a chore, no matter at what age… (more)


Cyrilla Mozenter and Philip Perkis – Octave

A tribute and witnessing of the lives and works of these two artists who… (more)


Tara Wray – Year of the Beast

Regretfully 2020 is going to be known as the year of the pandemic and that this is a beast of a year for many reasons… (more)


Erik Kessels and Thomas Sauvin – Talk Soon

Very seldom do we encounter photobooks that not only are a total surprise but can serve to entertain us too. This is .. (more)


Brenton Hamilton – A BLUE IDYLL

One of the rare gifts of the year 2020, perhaps the only silver lining to a deeply challenging period for so many people.. (more)


Alejandro Cartagena – A Small Guide to Homeownership

With its familiar yellow-and-black color scheme and blocky cover design, A Small Guide to Homeownership appears…(more)


Matteo Di Giovanni – Blue Bar

The humidity and occasional fog derived by the proximity of a river can create beautifully dreamlike conditions or… (more)


Donna Ferrato – HOLY

These days the ‘Me Too’ and ‘Black Lives Matter’ movements consume our attention.  Deservedly so.  Yet… (more)


Jordi Barreras – Already But Not Yet

Looking at the photographs of Jordi Barreras’s photobook, Already But Not Yet, one might mistakenly think that… (more)


Andreas Herzau – Liberia

It is possible to develop many misconceptions about people and countries that we don’t know much about. Some of those … (more)


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