PhotoBook Journal – Issue #27

Welcome to our 27th Issue •We have begun our summer reading and hope you will consider some of our recently featured books to join you on your holiday adventures. Douglas StockdaleSenior Editor ____ Book reviews for June 2021: Carissa Dorson - Conversations with Dad Communicating with one’s parents can be quite a chore, no matter at what age... (more) ____ Cyrilla... Continue Reading →

Alejandro Cartagena – A Small Guide to Homeownership

Review by Wayne Swanson • With its familiar yellow-and-black color scheme and blocky cover design, A Small Guide to Homeownership appears to be just another addition to the shelves of “For-Dummies” how-to books. And with a table of contents featuring chapters that progress from “Home Sweet Home: Still the Best Investment You Will Ever Make” to “Protecting Yourself... Continue Reading →

Alejandro Cartagena – A Guide to Infrastructure and Corruption

Photographer: Alejandro Cartagena (born Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic & resides Monterrey, Mexico) The Velvet Cell: Berlin (Germany) copyright 2017 Essays by Ximena Peredo Text: English Pair of books; hard cover, embossed exposed boards, sewn and taped binding, and a stiff cover, saddle stitch, both four-color lithography, Edition of 450, signed and numbered, printed in Taiwan Photobook... Continue Reading →

Alejandro Cartagena – Rivers of Power

Copyright 2016 Alejandro Cartagena Photographer: Alejandro Cartagena (born Dominican Republic, resides Mexico) Archive images: Fototeca de Nuevo Leon Publisher: Newwer Essays: Ximena Peredo, Gonzalo Ortega Text: English and Spanish Stiffcover book with printed slip cover, naked-sewn binding, printed insert, four-color lithography, printed in Spain Photobook designer: Alejandro Cartagena & Fernando Gallegos Notes: Rivers of Power is Alejandro... Continue Reading →

Alejandro Cartagena – Before the War

Copyright 2015 Alejandro Cartagena Photographer: Alejandro Cartagena (born Dominican Republic, resides Mexico) Publisher: Self-published (Mexico) Text: English & Spanish Multiple components, variable sizes, unbound in a heavy printed board folder, black & white lithography (newsprint), printed in Mexico Photobook designer: Alejandro Cartagena & Fernando Gallegos Notes: For Cartagena, “in 2008 the war against the drug cartels erupted in México.... Continue Reading →

Alejandro Cartagena – Carpoolers

Copyright Alejandro Cartagena 2014, self-published “Carpooling” is an American, maybe Southern Californian, term for an occasion when multiple individuals ride in the same vehicle to the same destination. On the freeways of California the need to increase the quantity of carpoolers in order to relive the increasing congestion has raised the process and infrastructure of... Continue Reading →

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