PhotoBook Journal – Issue #7

10-19-19 Medium book event KI6A2766

Welcome to Issue #7 (October 2019) •

The month of November is the beginning of the Fall photobook season in preparation for the end of year gift buying holidays, and many new titles have become available. So we are busy with a new batch of book reviews and related book events, two of which on the left coast we feature in this issue.

We also wanted to provide a little year-to-date snapshot on our concerns with addressing gender equality. As of October, our book reviews are almost evenly divided between men and women authors, with 46% of the books by female artists/photographers. Likewise, our magazine staff is similarly balanced and with the new addition of Alaina Dall to our Resource team, we are at a 50-50 gender ratio.

As I write this, we are enduring another swarm of destructive fires in conjunction with the Santa Ana winds here in Southern California, as well as to the north of us in Sonoma County. This is not how we envisioned the use of trees, better to harvest these for creating books and not for fuel to create ecological and personal havoc.

We wish you a colorful, creative and safe Fall season.

Cheers & Enjoy!
Douglas Stockdale
Editor & Publisher


Book reviews, interviews and NEWS in October 2019 (Issue #7) includes:

Carissa Dorson – Conversations With Dad


As we all know, communicating with one’s parents can be a challenge, not only in our early years, but later on as well. Often the verbal exchanges are limited to… (more)


Michael Kenna – Beyond Architecture


Imagine having the chance to lose yourself in the archives of a master photographer, to wander among the images with no set expectations or goals. What would strike your fancy?… (more)


Marta Weiss – Making It Up: Photographic Fiction00a-Weiss.jpg

Making It Up: Photographic Fictions by Marta Weiss is an historical survey of photographic works that have been staged or constructed to replicate… (more)


Erik van Cuyk – Rijnwijk Mijn wijk


Every city has one — that neighborhood “everybody” knows to stay away from. It’s too rough, or too hostile, or too unsafe, or just too different in some way or another. For Arnhem, a medium-sized Dutch…(more)


Ekaterina Vasilyeva – Road to Petergof


This is a narrative about an indirect journey along the road that connects St. Petersburg to the city of Petergof, where the Russian Tsar Peter the Great built large Russian estates as his equivalence to the 18th century… (more)


Christine Riedell – For Going Out I Was Really Going In


Inspired by the early work of Eugene Atget, the sublime gardens of the French emperors became the subject of Christine Riedell’s first self-published monograph…. (more)


Valentina Neri – Almanacco Toilet Club


The ‘Toilet Club Milano’ is an Italian night club that welcomes people of all sexual orientations. It has a special place in the LGBTQ world, and features… (more)



2019 Medium Festival of Photography

10-19-19 Louie Palu presentation Medium KI6A2741

Many of the West coast staff of PhotoBook Journal convened at the 2019 Medium Festival last Saturday for the various presentations and book signings. Joining me were Associate Editor Gerhard Clausing, Wayne Swanson (our Contributing Editor in San Diego who attended the entire four-day event), Debe Arlook and Jonas Yip. Central to my… (more)

Classic Photographs Los Angeles 2019


For its 10-year anniversary, Classic Photographs Los Angeles christened ROSEGALLERY’s new space in Bergamot Station Arts Center in Santa Monica. Rose Shoshana (shown above, photo by Brittany Neimeth) and her team were in high gear hosting the weekend event before officially opening the doors to their new location just days later…. (more)


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