PhotoBook Journal – Issue #5


Welcome to Issue #5

We hope you have had a creative and relaxing summer and are ready for the fall season.

We are continuing to develop PhotoBook Journal to become your favorite book partner for inspiration book reviews as well as a creative resource to develop your own book publishing endeavors. To this end, we launched this month a new Resource page: Self-Publishing Services, which includes commercial printers, digital lithography, print-on-demand, book bindery, book designers and book marketing resources.

We have more photobooks in the pipeline for October, including a few books we discovered during the LACP photobook competition (full list here) that Gerry Clausing and I juried, including the winners from the two categories. We will be working on another Resource page and we have a series of photobook industry interviews being developed for the fall season, including Louie Palu, Kris Graves, Caleb Cain Marcus, and the photographer/co-publisher duo David Carol and Ashly Stohl.

We welcome two guest book review contributors for August: Dia Yunzhi Wang who covered Anja Niemi’s In Character and Madhu Joseph John who covered Steve Dzerigian’s A Trail of Stones. In addition, John’s book Passengers was reviewed by Gerhard Clausing.

We are still on the lookout for a very part-time (volunteer) Intern who can help us further develop our Resources pages. If you would like to have more information, please contact either me or Debe (, our Resource Manager, for the Intern job description and responsibilities.

Cheers & Enjoy!
Douglas Stockdale
Editor & Publisher


Book reviews, interviews and NEWS in August 2019 (Issue #5) includes:

Christiane Haid – RheinRevue


The use of the leporello technique for presenting a continuity of visuals has a long tradition. In picture postcard presentations, for example, there are interesting… (more)


Lynn Alleva Lilley – Deep Time


Ham and eggs. A wonderful breakfast in which it is said that the pig is fully committed, while the chicken is only involved. In the mid-1970’s endotoxin testing was in… (more)


Madhu Joseph John – The Passenger


This ambitious project by Madhu Joseph John raises some challenging questions: Who are we, and where does our journey take us? Are our differences in… (more)


Maria Theraza Alves – Recipes for Survival


Let us now praise Maria Thereza Alves. Over the past four decades, this Brazilian-born artist, social activist, and docume… (more)


Louie Palu – A Field Guide to Asbestos


Working in some very technical areas I have become very familiar with on-the-job training, educational manuals, and health & safety bulletins that stress… (more)


Steve Dzerigian – A Trail of Stones

Trail of Stones book cover_8.14.18 final copy

In essence, this book is an autobiography of an artist, a dedicated teacher and a studiously creative photographer tracing a rich eventful journey through a wide variety of striking images and… (more)


Birthe Pintek – Abendied


Abendlied (Evening Song) is a project that is very personal, yet has universal meaning. The concept seems simple: as we… (more)


Kirk Crippens – Going South – Big Sur


Big Sur is one of the iconic places of the California Dream. This rugged stretch of coastline between Carmel and San Simeon along equally iconic Highway 1… (more)


Anja Niemi – In Character


As a female photographer, I would always have the desire to document the moments that I let ‘myself’ out. I’d be hopping up and down on empty streets with arms waving high, shaking my body like a disco-maniac when the playlist shuffles to a love dance… (more)


Gerhard Clausing & Douglas Stockdale, Jurors, LACP Photographic Book Competition (photo by Sarah Hadley)


On Saturday, August 24, Douglas Stockdale and I spent a delightful day at LACP in Hollywood as jurors for the first LACP photographic book competition… (more)

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