Arnold Newman At Work


copyright the estate of Arnold Newman published 2013 Harry Ransom Center, University of Texas Press, Austin

Arnold Newman (b. 1918 NYC – 2006) is known for his numerous iconic and environmental photographic portraits that include Ed Ruscha (1985), Duane Michals (1986), Man Ray (1948), Andy Warhol (1973), Roy Lichtenstein (1976) and of course his almost trademark portrait of Igor Stravinsky (1946).

What makes this book compelling are the proofs and edits made by Newman in conjunction for many of his iconic portraits, essentially providing the photograph’s backstory for him at work. The viewer is provided the opportunity to study the photographic proofs, which can help visualize how Newman explored the various compositions within the context of his subject’s environment. Revealing Newman’s red line crop and printing edits provide additional information as to how Newman continued to explore and distill the essence of his subject well after the sitting was completed.

It is tantalizing to look at his proofs and speculate on which composition that I would have chosen and how might I have cropped and printed that photographic image. It is also an opportunity to reflect on who his subject were in conjunction with the times and conditions these portraits were made.

This dense hardcover book reflects a carefully selection and edited body of Newman’s photographs by Roy Flukinger with an introductory text by Marianne Fulton.

Douglas Stockdale for The PhotoBook







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