Teller – A magazine of stories

Copyright Teller 2010 courtesy of Trolley Ltd

I have the nice opportunity to review Issue #1 of the new magazine out of Great Britain published by Trolley Books, the editorial brainstorm of Katherine Hunt and Ruby Russel. This stiffcover magazine is a wonderful read. From the publisher is this overview: Teller, a magazine of stories. Stories told in pictures, in words, in both; short sharp stories, “so I once heard this story” stories, stories of pure invention and stories that might just be true.

In this first issue are the photographs of Flavie Guerrand culled from hundreds of all-nighters in Paris and Berlin, Charles Trotter, based in Nairobi in the 1950’s narrating the decadence of colonial rule in its dying days, and Nina Mangalanayagam using a documentary style to describe the gathering of her Tamil family in Europe. And of course, there are the wonderful stories.

The editors of Teller probably sum it up best: It’s a miscellany, a platter for your enjoyment. Like an old sea dog accosting you at a wedding, fugitives from the plague passing time around the campfire, or just the rambling oracle propping up the bar.

Yes, a wonderful mashup of short stories and photographic stories. recommended.

by Doug Stockdale

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