Le Bal – Editions Poursuite

Benjamin Diguerher copyright 2011 Douglas Stockdale

Yesterday evening was the Editions Poursuite book signing event at Le Bal (Paris), part of a weekly book signing event that Sebastian Arthur Hau, Director of Le Bal Books, is hosting at his bookshop and exhibition gallery. It was a nice occasion and I had the opportunity to meet two of the featured photographers, Laurent Chardon (Tangente) and Gregory Valton (Dans la Neige and Le pic entre Deux Ports), as well as Camille Hervouet, whose book Geographie Intime was previously published by Editions Poursuite. I think that Benjamin Diguerher, the co-publisher of Editions Poursuite, was very happy with the occasion, as he had a wonderful smile for the entire evening. BTW, when Benjamin and I met last month in Paris, he was not thrilled with the idea of a portrait to accompany my post, but later I came up with an idea that he might like, which he now readily agreed, above.

I also had a chance to spend some time with friends Laurence Vecten and Remi Coigent, as well as walk the exhibitions. I was really impressed with the wonderful body of early photographs of Emmet Gowin, which I have not see in exhibition for a considerable amount of time. It was similar to a reunion with old friends. As I do not have an original Emmet Gowin Photographs, I was more than happy to purchase the 2009 edition by Steidl and I can attest that the photographs in the book are a very close match to the prints.

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