The Photobook Review – issue 002

Supplement to Aperture magazine – issue 002, Spring 2012

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Okay, a “newspaper” that is published only twice per year is not exactly something that provides the hot, hot, hot daily news one might expect or want. But then again, the evolution of the photobook industry is not exactly moving at lightening speed either.

As a supplement to their magazine, Aperture has made an interesting decision to publish this newsprint edition, focusing on the growing phenomena of photobooks within the fine art photography establishment. With limited gallery and exhibition space availability, photographers have realized that a photobook will potentially reach a much wider audience over a longer duration as well as providing a more democratic venue & access to their content.

Interestingly The Photobook Review (TPR) is very similar in organizational structure to the now defunct photo-eye magazine edited by Darius Himes, which was published quarterly. This magazine was a perfect-bound stiffcover book that was a delight to hold and read and is sadly missed.

The TPR articles are much longer than any tweet or Face Book shout-out and probably longer than most blog articles, but perhaps shorter than many magazine feature articles. I find the inclusion of some new terminology interesting, last issue was an emphasis on maquettes for the word Book Dummy, and this issue is leporello for the word concertina (I discuss this book design here) or continuous gate-fold.

For TPR, Aperture Publisher Lesley Martin has decided to bring in guest editors, and for this issue the guest editor is photobook publisher and bookseller, Markus Schaden, hailing from Kohn, Germany. Overall TPRis segmented with sections about the photobook developmental process, in this issue the sequencing of the photobook (e.g. Garry Badger’s “It’s Narrative, But Not as we Know it…Sequencing the Photobook), a Designer profile (Greger Ulf Nilson), Publisher profile (Bohm/Kobayashi, Dusseldorf), a feature section (Book Dummy’s including a discussion of Kiyoshi Suzuki’s Soul and Soul that I reviewed), a photobook artist (Ken Schles interviews Christian Patterson) and last photobook reviews (12 of them in this issue, including photobooks by Taishi Hirokawa, Katsumi Omori, Paul Graham, Donald Weber (which I will review soon), and Nina Poppe to name a few.

And thanks to Helka Aleksdottir for providing me with this current issue.

Douglas Stockdale – The PhotoBook

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