AbeBooks 2009 highest priced photobooks

 I recently received a news flash from the used book portal AbeBooks regarding the three most expensive photobooks sold through them in 2009, which are impressive sales figures: 

1. Sumo by Helmut Newton – $10,867
Limited edition of 10,000 and this copy is signed by the German-born fashion photographer. This massive photography book measures 20 x 28 inches, and is accompanied by an embossed stand, designed by Philippe Starck.

2. Peter Beard: Art Edition – $5,495
Another massive book. Limited edition elephant folio photobook from Tashen published in 2006.  Each of the 2,250 copies was signed by Beard.

3. Kitaru Beki Kotoba no Tame ni by Takuma Nakahira – $3,900
First edition published by Fudo-sha in 1970, a complete copy of an iconic title featuring the Provoke Era (a period of social upheaval after World War II) by one of Japan’s most important photographers. 

– Douglas

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  1. Interesting to see this. Is there a longer list available? By the way Provoke is not an era but a highly influential magazine. In 1968 Nakahira founded Provoke magazine with the critic Koji Taki, the poet Takahiko Okada, and the photographer Yutaka Takanashi; encouraged by Nakahira, Daido Moriyama also became a member as of the second issue. In their joint manifesto they called for a liberation from photography that merely illustrated preconceived meanings. In the final phase of the mag, Nakahira published this fantastic book, For a Language to Come. You can read more here.

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