Photo-eye – Best of 2008

I had missed the Photo-eye best of 2008 list, but it was brought to my attention at photo l.a. by Jeffery Ladd, who made one of the lists, (but alas I did not).

So check this out and follow the various matrix of links to the various best of 2008 books lists, a ton of recommended books to consider. Such as:

Markus Schaden, Bookseller & Publisher, Schaden

  1. soul and soul K Suzuki n-licht
  2. Sommerherz Ehling Kehrer
  3. Schles, New History of Photography White Press
  4. Yasuhiko Uchihara Son of a Bit Seigensha 2008
  5. Stephen Shore A Road Trip Journal Phaidon 2008
  6. Stefania Gurdowa Negatives are to be stored Fundacja Imago Mundi 2008
  7. Alec Soth The Last Days of W. A little Brown Mushroom 2008
  8. Rob Hornstra 101 Billionaires .Borotov 2008
  9. Koji Onaka The Dog in France .Sokyu-sha 2008
  10. Tobias Zielony Trona – Armpit of America Zielony / Spector 2008

And another by Darius Himes, Photographer, Publisher, Radius Books

“In no particular order, here are my top favorites! Thanks for the chance to share this list with folks.”
  • Stephen Shore, A Road Trip Journal, Phaidon.
  • Martin Parr, ParrWorld, Aperture.
  • Larry Towell, The World From My Front Porch, Stephen Bulger Gallery and Archive of Modern Conflict.
  • Richard Benson, The Printed Picture, MoMA.
  • Mikhael Subotzky, Beaufort West, Chris Boot.
  • Eugene Richards, The Blue Room, Phaidon.
  • Jules Spinatsch, Highlights International, Kodoji.
  • Ari Marcopolis, The Chance is Higher, Dashwood Books.
  • Obata Yuji, Wintertale, Sokyu-Sha.
  • Various Photographers (both Iranian and European), Iran, A Winter Journey, Fotohof
  • Risaku Suzuki, Yuki/Sakura, Nazraeli Press

3 Bonus Books (If my own books aren’t my favorites, then what am I doing!?)

  • Julie Blackmon, Domestic Vacations, Radius Books.
  • Michael Lundgren, Transfigurations, Radius Books. (coming soon)
  • Lee Friedlander, Lee Friedlander: New Mexico, Radius Books. (coming soon)

And photo-eye then noted that these 10 seemed to be on a lot of the lists;

Stephen Shore; A Road Trip Journal (Phaidon)

Michael Subotzky: Beaufort West (Chris Boot)

Joseph Koudelka; Invasion 68 Prague (Aperture)

Larry Towell; The World From My Front Porch (Chris Boot)

Rob Hornstra; 101 Billionaires (Borotov)

The Books on Books Series (Errata Editions)

David Maisel; Library of Dust (Chronicle)

Dayanita Singh; Sent a Letter (Steidl)

Robert Frank; The Americans (Steidl) Agree!

Stephen Gill; A Series of Disappointments (Nobody)

So, do you think that they missed any or were any in the “what were they thinking” catagory??

Best regards, Douglas Stockdale

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