Photo l.a. update

Last Friday I had an opportunity to attend photo l.a., which is a wonderful opportunity to see a broad spectrum of photographs, but also see the most currently published books and sometimes meet the photographers who created them.

Thus, I have a large pile of new books on the nightstand;- )

I did have an opportunity to meet with Jeffery Ladd and briefly review and discuss his recently published books with Errata Editions, who in turn steered me to Bertrand Fleuret and subsequently snag a Schaden sponsored limited edition (#10/100) copy of his J&L published book, Landmasses and Railways. Oh, yes, going towards the top of the pile on the nightstand. FYI, those interested in Jeffery’s Limited Editions of his four new books should be acting fast, or else, no regrets.

Equally exciting was to meet, discuss, and interview Alexey Titarenko, whose book Alexey Titarenko: photographs which although was published in 2002 by the Nailya Alexander Gallery, is a Russian photographer who is not as well known here in the United States. I hope that changes, but his book is also right there at the top of the pile.

My one regret was not having the time to meet Chris Pichler, the owner of Nazraeli Press. Or I should say, that every time I went by the Nazraeli booth, it was really clogged and busy and Chris had a circle of folks that he was talking with. Since I expect to be in Portland this March for my book publishing workshop at the 23 Sandy Gallery, I hope to carve out some time to see him and Alison at their Portland offices.

Best regards, Douglas Stockdale

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