Robert Hansen – Yucatan Passages


Yucatan Passages, copyright 2004 Robert Hansen

We have the opportunity to follow Robert Hansen as he travels, photographs and experiences Southern Mexico in his large hardbound book Yucatan Passages published by the Laguna Wilderness Press in 2004.

Hansen’s black and white photographs are beautifully conceived and executed. The landscape of the ancient Mayan landscape is well seen and balanced with the contemporary rural society. The photographer does not try to provide a documentary of the Mayan culture but more of one man’s written and photographic experience while journeying through this region.

I am taken by ethereal photographs of the people and the landscape shrouded in fog. These photographs provide a glimpse of an ancient culture that appears to still exist today. There are images that seem to tap into a cloak of mystery surrounding this culture and provides us with some visual clues to create a cultural connection.

This beautiful crafted book is now available in both a trade and limited edition from the Center Gallery.





Best regards, Douglas Stockdale

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