Karola Jansen – Un Natural Species

Review by Douglas Stockdale • Ubiquitous. The use of plastic is everywhere and has become a classic double-edged sword. Its properties enable food and beverages to last longer, while its inherent chemical structure allow it to last almost forever. While many plastics can be recycled, getting the used plastic containers to the proper destinations for... Continue Reading →

Lorena Turner – A Habit of Self Deceit

Review by Douglas Stockdale • Lorena Turner provides an emotional complex personal narrative in her self-published photobook A Habit of Self Deceit. She reveals her lasting emotional trauma sustained during her youth from her alcoholic mother and now after many years, the futility to obtain reconciliation due to her mother’s steady memory decline as a... Continue Reading →

Richard S. Chow – Distant Memories

Photographer: Richard S. Chow (born Hong Kong & resides Los Angeles, CA) Self-published 2016, Edition of 50 Text: English Stiff covers, perfect bound, black and white, printed by MagCloud (div. Blurb) Photobook designer: Richard S. Chow Notes: Richard S. Chow came to Southern California as a sixteen year old when his family emigrated from Hong Kong,... Continue Reading →

Frank Cancian – Lacedonia – An Italian Town, 1957

Photographer: Frank Cancian (born Stafford Springs, CT and lives in Irvine, CA) Self-Published (350): Irvine, CA, second edition copyright 2017 Essays: Franco Arminio, Rocco Pagnatiello and Frank Cancian Text: English Stiff cover, perfect bound glued binding, digital lithography, printed by Hemlock Printers (Canada) Photobook designer: Doug daSilva Notes: As an anthropologist by training and a photographer... Continue Reading →

Harvey Benge – The Month Before Trump

Review by Douglas Stockdale • Harvey Benge’s The Month Before Trump is a collection of photographs made in the United States, specifically San Francisco and New York in October 2016, the month before the presidential elections. As a New Zealander who spends equal time between Auckland and Paris, he provides a sophisticated outsider’s eye which... Continue Reading →

Douglas Stockdale – Bluewater Shore

Review by Gerhard Clausing • Photobooks that present their images in a loose format, i.e., not permanently bound and sequenced but changeable, are still the exception. One such successful work was David Alan Harvey's 2012 project entitled (based on a true story), dealing with life in Rio, with real and imagined storylines. That innovative volume... Continue Reading →

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