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One of the frequent questions I am asked during my book development workshops and book talks; who are all the companies and individuals who can assist and help with all of the things that I need to accomplish in order to self-publish my photobook?

Hearing this often enough we realized that we really did need to add another Resource page on Self-publishing Services in the PhotoBook Journal. This listing is not meant to be all inclusive, but drawn from the countless photobooks we have reviewed over the past 10 years; these are the folks and suppliers that can help get it done.

Self-publishing Services categories include: Commercial Book Printers, Digital Lithography & Print-on-Demand, Book bindery, Presentation Cases & Clamshells, Lithographers (color separations/pre-press), Book Concept & Development, Book Design, InDesign Services, and Book Marketing & Promotion. So check it out.

This Resource page is still a work in progress as we really wanted to get this out there. If you want to submit an individual, small firm or company for consideration on this list, please address your submission to, who is our Resource Manager.

Reminder: the other Resource pages in the PhotoBook Journal include Book Fairs & Festivals, Bookstores, Definition & terms (for book publishing), Photo Book Blogs, Photo Book Publishers, and Photo Book/Dummy Competitions.

You will also notice a new feature in our sidebar; we are honored to have a sponsorship by the commercial book printer Dual Graphics. If you would like to discuss potential sponsorship for this magazine, please contact me;


Douglas Stockdale

Editor & Publisher


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