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08-31-20 Gardening For Ordnance dummy cover KI6A8684

My Medium Photo workshop, Developing a Creative Book, due to the COVID-19 pandemic has taken some interesting twists and turns. I think we have now sorted everything out and this workshop is back on track to start later this September. Initially this was going to be a four-day hands-on workshop with everyone participating together in San Diego last March. Then COVID-19 struck; so our first thought was to delay this workshop into the fall as Plan B. We did not count on the current American leadership to make a total mess of this pandemic in the United States, but regardless, they did so royally; so now on to Plan C.

We are now going to have a series of two-hour Zoom virtual segments spread over a span of eight sessions starting on Saturday, September 26th. This eight session workshop takes place on Saturdays from 10am–12pm (Pacific time) and Wednesdays from 4–6pm (Pacific time).

There are some really nice aspects of this change to a virtual workshop; first the price will drop a little as the overhead for the conference rooms is avoided. Second is the cost avoidance for those attending who will not need to pay for a hotel room or incur car expenses to attend this workshop as well as a bit less expensive to eat at home. Btw, I have found it really nice to work from home. Last, but probably most important is the time between the virtual sessions to work on your book dummy project and then get some feedback at the following session. This workshop will take a bit longer, but should pay extra dividends.

I am looking forward to sharing my interest in artist and photobooks. As a virtual workshop it will be really nice to turn around and pull from my library a book to discuss or make a point with during our time together. (hmmm, wonder if that means I now need to get my book collection in order, something I have neglected since the start of the pandemic). Another opportunity during a virtual workshop is to instantly access the 600+ books that I have reviewed over the past twelve years as the Editor/founder of this magazine to help illustrate a concept or discuss a related book design.

Each person who will attending this workshop will also receive a signed copy of my out-of-print Guide to Self-Publishing an Indie Artist Book. This concise self-published book, like my workshop, is pretty inclusive of all of the aspects to take into consideration to develop a book, from ArtBook to Zine. Like my workshop, very practical and straight-forward advice.


The Guide is my second self-published book on how-to prepare a body of work for printing. In all, I have self-published three artist books, two how-to books, been published by Edizioni Punctum, ghost published a friends hardcover photobook, created more than one book dummy as well as coaching a number of artists and photographers over the finish line for their book publications.

Also delighted to announce that I am now on the adjunct faculty with Medium Photo. Cool!

This workshop is a great opportunity to learn about editing, sequencing, layout, book design and the book publishing and selling world. It will be a crazy fun time as we all Zoom into the future. So please come join me!

Cheers, stay safe & message me if you have any questions about the materials we will cover.



Other personal News – my coming exhibition:

January 16th–February 13th; I will be in a two-person exhibition that will feature my Memory Pods series at Photographer’s Eye Collective & Gallery located in Escondido (north San Diego county, CA); more details soon.

Photo, above; Gardening For Ordnance book dummy cover, copyright 2020, Douglas Stockdale

AD-photobook 2020-v3

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    1. We are looking at retreating this next Fall; perhaps September or October. I will be offering a similar book development workshop with Los Angeles Center of Photography (LACP) in March 2021. Dates and times with LACP are being finalized…

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