Ellen Korth – CHARKOW

Photographer: Ellen Korth, (b. The Hague, Netherlands – resides Deventer (Netherlands) & Nordhorn (Germany) Publisher: Self-published, Deventer (Netherlands), copyright 2016 Interviews by: Ellen Korth, Sybren Kuiper Text: Netherlands, English & German Seven (7) Stiff-cover books in slip-case, sewn binding, four-color lithography, printed by Fine Books Weesp (Jos Morree) in Netherlands Photobook designer: Sybren Kuiper ( -SYB-... Continue Reading →

Shane Lavalette – One Sun, One Shadow

Photographer: Shane Lavalette (b. Burlington, VT – resides Syracuse, NY) Publisher: Lavalette, Syracuse (NY), copyright 2016 Essay: Tim Davis Text: English Clothbound hardcover book, embossed with tipped in image, sewn binding, four-color lithography, printed in Lithuania Photobook designer: Lavalette Notes: Shane Lavalette’s photobook is resulting from an earlier commission by the High Museum of Art (Atlanta, GA)... Continue Reading →

Jan Brykczynski – Boiko

Copyright 2014 Jan Brykczynski Photographer: Jan Brykczynski   (born & resides Warsaw, Poland) Self-published (Poland) with support by Sputnik Photos Essays: Taras Prokhas’ko Text: English on a double-gate spread with Polish and Ukrainian text insert Hardcover book, embossed cover with magnetic closure, sewn binding, four-color lithography, printed in Poland. Photobook designer: Ana Natecka, Tapir Book Design Notes: Brykczynski has uses a... Continue Reading →

Alejandro Cartagena – Carpoolers

Copyright Alejandro Cartagena 2014, self-published “Carpooling” is an American, maybe Southern Californian, term for an occasion when multiple individuals ride in the same vehicle to the same destination. On the freeways of California the need to increase the quantity of carpoolers in order to relive the increasing congestion has raised the process and infrastructure of... Continue Reading →

Douglas Stockdale – Pine Lake

Pine Lake copyright 2013 Douglas Stockdale self-published Limited Edition Artist Book I am very thrilled to announce the publication of my hand-made artist book Pine Lake. Thus post is not intended to be a book review, as I need to let others provide more objective assessments. This is just a blatant self promotion. Pine Lake... Continue Reading →

Cristina de Middel – The Afronauts

Copyright 2012 Cristina de Middel (Puch), self-published Christina de Middel created a historical novella with her artists book The Afronauts about what might could have been. In 1964 Edward Makuka Nkoloso created the Zambian Space Program with the goal to fly twelve astronauts, including one girl, and ten cats to Mars. He was convinced that... Continue Reading →

Harvey Benge – Still Looking For It

Review by Douglas Stockdale • I think that the concept for this book is best stated by Benge: These photographs follow my recent four part series AS IT IS? Here I continue to question the nature and substance of the things I see and the idea of ITness itself. Copyright Harvey Benge 2011 courtesy of the... Continue Reading →

Harvey Benge – Eat Me

Review by Douglas Stockdale • At first reading, Havery Benge’s self-published Eat Me, is a photobook that documents the results of cooking peaches as a family treat. It even includes the recipe for cooking the peaches. In typical Benge style, there is a minimum of text to provide guidance as to what you are viewing.... Continue Reading →

Harvey Benge – Sri Lanka Diary, February 2011

Review by Douglas Stockdale • I recently received another self-published photobook by the prolific photographer and photobook publisher, Havery Benge, titled Sri Lanka Diary, February 2011. This book is the latest in his “Diary” series and results from his recent visit to Sri Lanka earlier this year. The color photographs appear to be detailed and created in documentary in style,... Continue Reading →

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