PhotoBook Journal – Issue #33

Happy New Year & our 33th Issue •

This is our last Issue for 2021 that includes a review of Matt Black’s American Geography, which is one of our Interesting Artist and Photobooks for 2021. We will be starting the New Year off with a review of Ken Light’s Course of the Empire another of our Interesting Photobooks for 2021, so stay tuned for that excellent book review in January.

I am very honored to be a guest curator for Ann Mitchell’s art/photo blog Thinking About Photography, whom I have known since our portfolios were featured in the same issue of LensWork many years ago. For her recently published article that features photography + text, I selected six photobooks that broadly feature text and words in one form or another, see the list below.

The entire PBJ team, Gerry, Paul, Melanie, Debe, Alaina, Debora, Madhu, Kristin, Steve, Wayne, Jonas, Rudy, and I, wish you all the very best for a creative and wonderful New Year.

Douglas Stockdale
Senior Editor


Books featured in December 2021:

Ben P. Ward – I Dream of Dust

Colorado may be known as a land of snow-capped peaks, ski slopes, and the mystique of a certain bland beer brewed with pure Rocky Mountain spring water. But that’s just the half of it… (more)


Ted Lau – Between Doors

North Korea, the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) seems in many ways as distant and inaccessible – to Americans, at least – as the moon.  And like the moon, I have long had a kind… (more)


Andy Mattern – Average Subject / Medium Distance

How did mid-20th century photographic technology, popular aesthetic influences, and corporate priorities combine to shape public opinion on “good” photography? Andy Mattern’s work… (more)


Florian Bachmeier – In Limbo

Uncertainty and anxiety mark the life of the people of Ukraine, especially these days. Getting international attention, it is a crucial moment in the progress of a country that has been through so much already…. (more)


Gabriele Chiapparini & Camilla Marrese – I Might Have Seen Something

What if that road trip is through a country that appears to be almost devoid of vegetation, animals and man-kind, a region that is not really known for anything? (more)


Bob Farese Jr – Am I Not Light

As we face the end of yet another difficult year, contemplation might be a very good thing. Do we feel comfortable and welcome where we are?… (more)


Sage Sohier – Peaceable Kingdom

There can be no doubt that our relationship with other creatures, the “animals,” is in need of improvement, and when optimal, gives great joy and a calm feeling to all participants…. (more)


Bruce Haely – Home Fires Vol II: The Present 

His work during Burma’s bloody civil war in 1990 earned him the coveted Robert Capa Gold Medal. Yet in his quiet personal work he keeps the home fires burning…. (more)


Matt Black – American Geography

American Geography, the new Thames and Hudson book by photographer Matt Black, is like the artist himself, both handsome and intimidating. Even the cover, imageless with stark lettering on a surface that is indeed matte black, does not invite the… (more)


Text: Thinking About Photography

I am very honored to be a guest curator for Ann Mitchell’s art/photo blog Thinking About Photography. For her recently published article that features photography + text, I selected six diverse photobooks that feature text and words in one form or another.

These include the photobooks by Julia Borissova, Katherine Longly, Laia Abril, Sal Taylor Kydd, Roger Ballen and Duane Michals and the photobook segment can be found here.


Articles & photographs published on PhotoBook Journal may not be reproduced without the permission of the PhotoBook Journal staff and the photographer(s).

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