PhotoBook Journal – Issue #21

Welcome to our 21st Issue & the end of 2020 •

Whew! We are now preparing for the Spring 2021 books and publications, which no doubt have been in the works for awhile. Always exciting to see what creative new endeavors will emerge.

2020 has been a traumatic year, not only in the U.S. but globally. It is very nice to have this one in the rearview mirror. Thus we wish you all a creative and wonderful New Year for 2021!

Please stay healthy and safe. We still need to wear a mask, social distance, wash our hands and when provided the opportunity, get our vaccine jab! I know I will.

Douglas Stockdale


In case you missed our announcement at the beginning of December; Interesting Artist and Photographic Books for 2020

Book Reviews in December:

Andy Burgess – Signs of Nothing

There’s nothing to see here. Yet photographer, artist, and photobook publisher Andy Burgess presents a captivating collection of images that remind us of what once was… (more)


David Gulden – Nor Dread Nor Hope Attend

The title of this magnificently photographed and beautifully printed photobook is drawn from a poem by Yeats that claims… (more)


Tatsuo Suzuki– Friction/Tokyo Street

If Robert Frank had played in a punk rock band, how would that have influenced his work?… (more)


California Love – A Visual Mixtape

“Brilliantly captures the spirit of California and should be on every coffee table.”… (more)


Stephen Berkman – Predicting The Past – Zohar Studios: The Lost Years

The cover photograph of a book can provide a visual hint of what is yet to come. A vexing book title can add mystery and intrigue… (more)


Tony Kelly – Nowhere

The deprivation caused by the COVID-19 pandemic knows no bounds. Consider the plight of the Los Angeles jet set… (more)


Misha Friedman – Two Women in Their Time: The Belarus Free Theatre and the Art of Resistance

As we know from Shakespeare, “all the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players.” The ‘merely’ is to remind us that even the most powerful political actors… (more)


 Imogen Cunningham – A Retrospective

She was well known for her botanicals, nudes, and portraits, as well as a strongly opinioned and high-spirited San Francisco photographer… (more)


Clayton Anderson – Kicking Sawdust: Running Away with the Circus and Carnival

Once upon a time in the not-so-distant past, live entertainment played a much larger role in stimulating our imagination. Among the exciting amusements that we fondly remember… (more)


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All images and text are © of the individual photographer/artist and/or author.


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