PhotoBook Journal – Issue #17


Welcome to our 17th Issue •

Regretfully in the United States we still need to deal with the Administration’s mis-management of the COVID-19 pandemic. As a result this continuing pandemic has ravaged and impacted art schools, publishers, book-printers, artist & photographers, book-stores, galleries, big and small, and in many ways impacted just about every-one in between.

This month we offer a broad range of artist and photo book reviews for your consideration and all of which need your support. Buy and enjoy one of these or one of the many other creative endeavors being published today, whether directly from a self-published artist, your favorite book store or a supporting gallery. We need to continue supporting our vibrant artistic and creative community through these troubling times.

Please stay healthy and safe.
Douglas Stockdale
Editor & Publisher


Book Reviews during August:

Claudia Andujar – The Yanomami Struggle


Let’s be honest, many of us are tired of the changes brought about by the Covid-19 pandemic. We want… (more)


Regina Anzenberger – Shifting Roots


How might we ‘see’ the unseen, whether it is too microscopic to discern, moving too rapidly to distinguish… (more)


Darin Boville – Computational Photography


This photobook is full of mystery and angst, encompassing a very eclectic mix of ideas and images. Its essays… (more)


Lukas Felzmann – Apophenia


What meaning could you find in a collection of picture postcards sent to one person? And what if… (more)


Hannah Kozak – He Threw the Last Punch Too Hard


One error in judgment, a lifetime of suffering… In this book, the courageous Hannah Kozak allows us… (more)


Niko J. Kallianiotis – America in a Trance


It’s been more than half a century since Robert Frank stirred things up with his first major work… (more)


Charles Rozier – House Music

0-house music

Art book critics generally use criteria such as contents and caliber of images, layout, production niceties… (more)


Lukas Birk – House No6


Planning a photobook and assembling all the images needed to tell your story is a process that can… (more)


Vera Lutter – Museum in the Camera


I have long found the images of Vera Lutter among the most challenging and thought-provoking in contemporary… (more)


Ryan Herz – The Children of Edgewood


An excellent portrait is one that transcends time and place and is able to reach us with eternal human truths. This is… (more)


Gian Butturini – LONDON


Having recently reviewed the contemporary street photography of Allen Wheatcroft, Body Language, and… (more)


August Article:

Book Development Virtual Workshop – Medium Photo

08-31-20 Gardening For Ordnance dummy cover KI6A8684

My Medium Photo workshop, Developing a Creative Book, due to the COVID-19 pandemic has taken some interesting twists and turns. I think we have now sorted everything out and this workshop is back on track to start later this month….(more)


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All images and text are © of the individual photographer/artist and/or author.

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