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Photograph copyright Jane Alt

For the past couple of months I have been pretty self-absorbed in getting my own artist photobook Pine Lake published. While developing the book dummy, I did not anticipate how much band width would be consumed in producing the 25 copies of this hand made book. Essentially my last photobook review was published mid September, about two months ago. Yikes, time flies.

Thus the ensuing quandary, as much as depicted by Jane Alt’s burning fields, above. The future of this blog is not entirely clear, or rather I should say, there are changes that will be occurring as to what I plan to publish about photobooks.

For the book reviews, I am happy with the visual format and I have not received any comments to the contrary over the past couple of years; thus to be included are the book’s front cover image and then six to seven interior book spreads that I select.

Perhaps what may change is the focus (I just luv that pun) on my commentary about book’s content as to how much I will discuss the photographs as a collective body of work versus discussing the photobook as an object. In the past, I was attempting to place more emphasis on my commentary and leaving the photobook as an object as a closing statement. This will probably flip, with more emphasis place on the book object.

I am not entirely sure of how this will turn out, and as the smoke clears, I hope that it all turns out okay. Let me know if you like the changes, or not.


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