Abe Frajndlich – Penelope’s Hungry Eyes


copyright Abe Frajndlich 2011 (cover – Cindy Sherman) published by Schirmer/Mosel

This book is a compilation of artist portraits of individuals rarely seen, mainly because Abe Frajndlich’s subjects are the photographers who stand behind the camera, not in front of the lens.  This particular photobook is very interesting for me as a photographer, especially as I know that these are some of the photographers who have an influence on my work.

Most of these are elaborately staged and lit environmental and symbolic portraits, frequently in collaboration with his subject, which provide additional layers to create a dialog with the reader in regard as to who the person is that momentarily stands before the lens. Others are quickly composed and fleeting vignettes captured on the fly.

As so I have made my own selection of portraits below that are of interest to me, and hopefully likewise to you, and perhaps create enough interest to want to see and read more about these interesting & creative individuals.

It is fitting that one of Frajndlich’s photographic role models is Arnold Newman, who essentially created the environment portrait that is so evident now in Frajndlich’s own oeuvres.

The book is a hardcover with dust jacket, nicely printed by EBS in Verona, Italy and contains an essay by Abe Frajndlich and Henry Adams. The concluding index of photographs is a bit charming, as it contains the birth (and passing) dates, where these events occurred, as well as recollections by Frajndlich recalling the portrait event. This interesting index is a bit autobiographical for Frajndlich, as it hints at his literary interests prior to becoming a portrait photographer.

Douglas Stockdale for The PhotoBook









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