MIND_Mag – showing a lack of Respect

A slight distraction this past week when a friend pointed out that another individual was re-blogging all of my book reviews, in fact almost this entire blog and reposting it as though all of this original content that I authorized was on behalf of their blog. After looking at this blog, Mind_Mag, it has stated my name with credit only for the photographs of the books interiors. There are no credits or links back to this blog that would reveal original source or authorship.

Now by doing something wrong, this individual will get some extra attraction in the short run that might make it seem like it is worth while. Like all things, it will eventually come back to haunt one day.

Reposting a blog is done regularly and freely, but most conscientious bloggers reveal their source and acknowledge the authorship of the work. Which is why blogging as part of a larger social community can be so cool.

Regretfully, this event has consumed enough energy. Meanwhile, I sincerely do appreciate the 99% who do respect my efforts. Thank you!

by Douglas Stockdale

The PhotoBook

6 thoughts on “MIND_Mag – showing a lack of Respect

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  1. I value the opportunity that you have created with this blog, and know how much time it can take to prepare material. You do it because it’s what you love and it is central to your existence. We all suffer from our work being stolen and accept that it happens for a variety of reasons, but for this person to take it all and claim it as their own is pathetic and immature. Fortunately the open access nature of the blogging world means that eventually their deceit will be unmasked. Let’s tell them, whoever they are, that there activities are neither acceptable or decent.

    Please keep your original and valuable work flowing Douglas, it’s much appreciated.

  2. I’m sorry to hear this. The field of work I’m in has major issues with intellectual property rights, and people thinking its okay to take someone else’s work and use it as their own.

    It’s very frustrating when someone takes all the hard work you’ve put into something, and pawns it off as their own. I hope this resolves quickly for you!

  3. Rubbish is a brilliant summation!! Thank you for that. My day job is also in an industry that intellectual property is the lynch-pin, thus any infrigement on IP is an issue that we all should not take lightly.

    I am sure it wiil all sort out one day, but I need to refocus my energy into something positive now. In fact I just received Ron Jude’s “Lick Creek Line” recently published by MACK, a wonderful diversion and I hope to publish my commentary soon.


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