Noorderlicht publishing – Stichting Aurora Borelais


A collection of PhotoBooks from Noorderlicht 16 Photofestival 2009 in Groningen, NL

It was a nice opportunity to attend Noorderlicht 16 Photofestival in Groningen yesterday with Martin Doonan, a fellow photo/blogger from The Hauge, who took the train up to join me. We did the whole thing in a day, as well as meet with Djana Eminovic who is with Noorderlicht’s publishing group, Stichting Aurora Borelais.

And might be expected, I acquired a small folder of photobooks, with an emphasis on a group that could still be lugged around with me for the rest of my assignment and eventually back to California. nice.

Two were from local bookstores, as I had not seen the Sebastiano Salgado from Thames & Hudson, a nice reference book from their Photofile series. And finally acquired a copy of Rob Hornstra’s 101 Billonaires at the Boekhandel Godert Walter which had a small exhibition of Hornstra’s photographs.

From the Nooderlicht publishing group, probably best described a photobook publishing boutique, I acquired four titles that encompass the last eight years. The photographers are mostly Goningen-ecentric, probably due to their financial support from Gemeente Groningen, with the amazing exception of the wonderful exhibition catalog Kiyoshi Suzuki; Sight and Soul 1969-1999.

Most of the four Nooderlicht text’s are English & Dutch or entirely Dutch as it is for Harry Cock’s Omstreken, Foto’s 1980-2006. Martin come to my aid to provide a quick overview interpretation, to understand that the title (Omstreken) refers to the area around you, or a little broader to mean Environment.

Well this provides ample reading material for me over the duration of this assignment and I expect to provide my photobook reviews later in the Fall.

Best regards, Douglas

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