Anne Veh at Cavallo Point


While I was developing my review of Linda Connor’s Odssey, I was contacted by Ben Zlotkin who founded Edition One Books and who by chance had been a student of Linda Connor.  Subsequent conversations with Ben and Linda then segwayed to an introduction to Anne Veh, the photographic curator at Cavallo Point, a resort lodge across the Golden Gate bridge from San Francisco. Okay, where oh where is this going, eh?

Trying to make a long story short, Cavallo Point had decided to place contemporary photographs in each of their guest rooms, their restaurant and on their grounds. After an early discussion with the Cavallo Point Executives with Linda Connor, Anne Veh was hired as their curator for the acquisition and hanging of this exhibit, which entailed 800+ photographs. Although the photographers chosen were mainly from the SF Bay area, there were a number of internationally known photographers selected by Veh.

The roster of photographers is impressive and include: Tom Baril, Linda Connor, Robert Dawson, Lukas Felzmann, Candace Plummer Gaudiani, James Henkel, Michael Kenna, Mark Klett, Wayne Levin, Arno Minkkinen, Chris McCaw, Camille Solyagua, Rick Chapman, Eirik Johnson, Ken Fandell, James Henkel, Charles LaBelle, Lisea Lyons, Amanda Marchand, Arno Minkkinen and Sangyon Joo.

Really interesting for me, and finally to my point of this, was the Cavallo Point decision that each of the photographers chosen would have an opportunity to co-develop with Veh and Cavallo Point, a small photobook on a project of their own choosing. With the large investment into exhibiting all of the prints, Veh essentially deferred to a Print on Demand photobook produced in conjunction with Zlotkin and Edition One Books.

The resort would not need to make a large investment in each of the books, especially with only a limited amount of  photobook selling experience and unable to predict the sales. Their small book inventory could be quickly replenished by Edition One Books. To keep the book price reasonable, the books are priced very close to their cost, as the resort would like their guests to feel like acquiring a nice photobook as a part of the experience of their stay.

For Veh to provide some design consistency, the 20 photobooks were developed with a similar format; book size of 9 1/4″ x 9 1/2″, stamped cloth hardcover, same color endpapers and similar number of pages. Now that I  have acquired a couple of these books, I find that they are very nicely produced, and part of an interesting Print on Demand evolution for quality photobooks.

I expect to review at least one of these photobooks, perhaps Mark Klett’s Time Studies, before the end of the summer.

At the moment, these photobooks are only available at Cavallo Point.

Best regards, Douglas Stockdale

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