PDN’s PhotoAnnual 2009 – book list

I was turned onto PDN (Photo District News) magazine about a year and a half ago at the Palm Springs Photo Festival. Before that, I just saw it as a professional photographic magazine, for wedding and commercial advertising photographers. Wrong.

In PDN for May 2009, they have issued their PhotoAnnual for 2009. I think that the September issue is their book issue, but I usually have found something of interest in almost every issue. This month, PDN has a category for Photo Books amoungst their various catagories. So how did I stack up, eh?

At the moment, I have published one review from their book list; Nina Berman’s Homeland, but I have two photobooks that I am working on with pending reviews; David Maisel’s Library of Dust and Eugene Richards The Blue Room.

Not too bad, seems we are somewhat in sync.

Of the books that PDN has listed, I see a number of photobooks that are interesting: David Stewart’s Thrice Removed, Donna Hixson’s self-published Shadows on the Plains (resemblance to Eugene Richard’s The Blue Room, above), and Joshua Lutz’s Meadowlands and possibly if I could find it, Rob Hornsta’s self published 101 Billionaires.

There are three that are on the border-line for me; David Graham’s Almost Paradise, Michal Chelbin’s Strangely Familiar: Acrobats, Athletes and Other Traveling Troupes, and last, Erwin Olaf’s Erwin Olaf.

Okay, so now I have a short list of books to acquire. sigh. Any donations??

Best regards, Douglas Stockdale

Update;  I just received from Dan Nelken a copy of his book, Till the Cows Come Home, a 2008 PDN book of the year.  So look for a review of this delightful book hopefully before the end of July. And Nelken’s book was published by Kehrer Verlag, one of the book publishers receiving recognition in this same May 2009 issue of PDN. Very nice.

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