Photo+Book – Self publishing juried exhibition

pb-logo-200-wSimilar to the recent Blurb juried POD book on-line exhibition, the 23 Sandy Gallery Portland, OR is now having a call to photographers for a self publishing print on demand (POD) book exhibition. This exhibition is not limited to just Burb printed books. This exhibition is being co-juried by Christopher Rauschenberg and Laura Russell, the galleries owner and director.

Rauschenberg has recently published Paris Changing: Revising Eugene Atget’s Paris, published by Princeton Architectural Press in 2007. Laura has also self-published numerous limited edition books and has used print on demand for her open edition books.

To have a self-published book juried and hopefully exhibited is a wonderful opportunity for photographers who would like to have their photographic projects received wider recognition. Recently Beth Dow, who won the grand prize for her book in the Blurb book juried exhibition, is getting some greater recognition, including making the first cut with Photolucdia’s Critical Mass 2008.

Photographic books continue to be an intergal part of how a photographer can advance their careers. With the demise of the big newstand magazines, publishing a project in a book is one of the few ways to provide a complete and succient project to the public.

And with the advent of the small book publishers, many of whom are listed on the side panel, there is a growning demand by collectors for elegentantly designed and printed books. But even still, they are committed to existing photographers and their projects, and are booked out for another two years or more. So in the mean time, what is one to do, eh?

Thus the growing interest in self published photographic books, as complete projects or perhaps as working drafts for submitting to the established book publishers. And all of the challanges that self-publishing entails.

So if you have, or are developing a self-published book, this juried exhibition is a great opportunity to achieve additional recognition, both for your book and your project.

Best regards, Doug Stockdale

BTW, during this book exhibition, I will be providing a one-day workshop on March 15 at the 23 Sandy Gallery about how to develop a print on demand book. More details soon.

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