Hand made and Hand crafted

(Originally posted in Singular Images, 10/01/07)

I am starting to come to the realization that I am going to be making my first limited edition book in conjunction with someone from The Photophers Exchange, who is a custom box binder. 

I have been reading with great interest the series of articles in Photo-eye Review about book publishing.  Especially this last issue on self publishing with the links to the other artists who are undertaking these project. I do not believe that my Bad Trip – Sad Trip series has a large audience (commercial) appeal, but there probably is a small audience that would both appreciate the series as well as a fine custom hand made book which will also function as a complete portfolio of the project.

The idea of creating a hand made and hand crafted book has me pretty excitied (I could not sleep the other night while thinking about this, I kept going over what I need to do, and I believe I have all that is neccesary).  Who best to design and layout the book’s contents for a series than the artist who developed the concept and created the resulting images?

I will also have the page design flexibility to decide if I want images paired, single image dedicated to a two page spread or if I have a really wide image, why not have a fold out page? Cooool.

My Espson 4800 with roll paper can produce the sheets (four pages), since I am considering a page size of 13″ x 13″ after looking at my copies of the recent Sexton and Barnbum hardcover books (12 x 12″). I will need to decide on which double sided rag paper, probably 190lb weight, potentially the Moab Entranta or Hahnemuhle Photo Rag duo. 

And then in conjunction with the book binder, choose the end papers, board covers (Japanese silk?) and a clam shell to hold the works.  For the 45 to 50 images, the page count will not exceed 120 and probably less.  I already know that I want to pair up some images, but I am not sure of how thick the resulting book will be as a result.

Now the difficut questions, how large the edition (thinking 25 with 3 artist proofs) and the pricing.  I am working on the cost of this book and I need some better estimates for the binding costs.  Hopefully I will have that soon.  And the launch date for this private publishing? hmmm, not sure that I can make this Christmas, but why not try?? 

At least I should be ready by PhotoLA which is usually in mid January.  I guess I better check!

Best regards, Doug

(Postscript: The Epson 4800 is too small for my intended self-published book, thus the idea of totally self-publishing is on hold)

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