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I have thinking about this journal for a while, especially as I have tried to figure out if it is a good fit with I currently write. So when publishing a journal, it kinda helps to know who you audience is, eh?

To get to that, perhaps a bit more about me. I read and too often buy photographic books, initially it was the how-do-you-do-it books (yes, I am a photographer as well), but now the photographic books I acquire are more about photographic projects & series or are published as monographs. Books that help you understand a photographers vision, intent, thoughts and feelings and hopefully well printed and sequenced.

I also get involved with the book publication process now having self-published three books through Blurb; two about photographic projects and one how-to. I could not figure something out how to sharpen my photographs for Blurb until I published a Blurb book (Sharpening Photographs for Blurb printing). I am in the middle of developing a limited edition book to be published in conjunction with a limited edition folio of images from a series I completed last year.

I may not be able to write the in-depth and meaningful book reviews of those by Mr. Wisketts (5b4) or available on Photo-Eye and other publications but I am going to provide my own personal thoughts about photographic books that I have. Thus, I will link the other places you can find some fine writing, which means this will be resource site and a book review site.

I plan to write about what’s happening with photographic book publishing for those who intent to purchase or might want to publish their own photographic work. In other words, random and mumbling about photographic books that might veer off into where ever I seem to take it that day (or night).

Oh, yes, as the publisher of this blog, I get to shamelessly self-promote my own books. Which reminds me, I need to provide a link to my Blurb page for my book In Passing, which was adapted from the same series about my work that was published in LensWork magazine in January 2008.

Best regards, Douglas Stockdale

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