PhotoBook Journal Issue #41

Welcome to our 41st Issue •

The summer holidays are coming to an end, with the kids back in school in most regions of the United States. In August we provided a broad selection of artist and photographic books that we hope inspired you while relaxing next to the pool or perhaps on the beach (the latter being my favorite).

We are expecting a treasure trove of new book releases for the Fall book season, some of which are already starting to trickle in. The reports coming are that this Fall’s book publications are not going to be as chaotic as last year with the various delayed book launches, but there are still some spotty underlying logistical issues. Fortunately everything appears to be getting much, much better.

Included in this edition is Kristin Dittrich’s coverage of the ICP Photo Book Fair and we are happy to feature her review of this book event. Perhaps more book fair coverage to come, stay tuned! 

Douglas Stockdale
Senior Editor
IG @thephotobookjournal


Book reviews featured in August 2022:

Douglas Stockdale – The Flow of Light Brushes the Shadow

The book is part therapy, an exercise in search of catharsis. Stockdale uses the aesthetics of the photographic medium as a vehicle to navigate the murky… (more)


Jason Francisco – Alive and Destroyed

Where does one begin considering, weighing, wrestling with a volume as unsettling and provocative as Francisco’s images of “small and forgotten” sites of the Holocaust across Eastern Europe … (more)


Cara Galowitz – Corona, Queens

“Beauty is where you find it,” said the great philosopher Madonna, who lived for a while on her way to stardom in the neighborhood of Corona in the borough of Queens… (more)


Juan Barte – Freedom Tastes of Reality

“What do we yearn for? What exactly have we lost?” There is something very refreshing about Juan Barte’s new photobook…. (more)


Pradip Malde – From Where Loss Comes

This is what you might first see when you have Pradip Malde’s photo book in your hand: women, young and old, some… (more)


Julie Blackmon – Midwest Materials

The cover of Julie Blackmon’s Midwest Materials depicts the following: four children-all of which have their faces turned away from us, the viewers. They are caught… (more)


Amanda Marchand – The World is Astonishing With You In It: A 21st Century Guide to the Birds, Ferns and Wildflowers

Amanda Marchand’s artist book, The World Is Astonishing With You In It – A 21st Century Field Guide to the Birds, Ferns and Wildflowers, is a slender artist book, minimalist by design, nevertheless delivering a solid punch… (more)


Odette England – Dairy Character

While Odette England’s Dairy Character may first seem a pointed feminist critique of dairy farm culture, a deeper investigation of the text reveals the nuance necessary to adequately address the author’s complex relationship with her past… (more)


Ewa Monika Zebrowski – now and beyond

How does one elegize a dear friend? What might one write about a fellow writer? What could be the possible images that reflect that person’s life and their subsequent passing? This is the raison d’être… (more)


ICP Book Fest

This photobook event was held in parallel with the AIPAD Photo Show, sponsored by the Association of International Photography Art Dealers. AIPAD represents the most important photography fair in the art trade in America… (more)


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All images and text are © of the individual photographer/artist and/or author.

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