PhotoBook Journal Issue #40

Welcome to our 40th and mid-summer Issue •

We have an extensive list of photobook reviews that we published in July to help you with your summer reading. This will help us coast through the month of August while we will be on holidays for much of this month as well. All in preparation for the Fall 2022 book launch, which we hope will not be as chaotic as last year due to all of the logistical issues that were created by the pandemic.

A personal note: a wonderful thank you to all of those who pre-ordered my artists book, The Flow of Light Brushes the Shadow. As a result, I have heard many touching stories regarding dealing with anxiety and underlying issues created by travel. You can still order this directly from me now at its regular price. Big news: my Artist Special Edition (book + extra print) for this artist book has Sold Out, including pre-orders by San Telmo Museo (Spain) and the Frick Fine Arts Library (University of Pittsburgh).

Cheers and wishing you a wonderful summer holiday
Douglas Stockdale
Senior Editor
IG @thephotobookjournal


Book reviews featured in July 2022:

Ara Oshagan – displaced

Not only a document or narrative of diaspora, of a people displaced into a new country, a place that seemingly remains… (more)


Riley Goodman – From Yonder Wooded Hill

The hills and hollers along the Appalachian Mountains running down the eastern United States are steeped in folklore and.. (more)


Joel Meyerowitz – REDHEADS

The skillful interplay between sunlight and shadow and the nuanced presentation of color subtleties are a… (more)


Harry Gruyaert – India

Deep shadows and dense colors are found throughout depicting crowded street scenes, bustling markets, boat lined riverbanks, and the occasional keenly observed… (more)


Anthoula Lelekidis – θραύσματα (Fragments)

Throughout this book project, the daughter reveals and reconstructs the beauty and pain of her mother, the process of her… (more)


Arthur Grace – Communism(s): A Cold War Album

He cast his keen view on many moments of daily life in all those countries that required close observation and sustained attention to detail… (more)


Jörgen Axelvall – And I Reminisce

Photography assists one in filling gaps left by the leaky apparatus known as our memories… (more)


Chris Anthony – Thanks, We’ll Take It From Here

In this photobook, the pitchfork serves as a metaphor, inherently both productive and dangerous, the key symbol… (more)


Malte Uchtmann – Ankommen (Arriving)

Germany, in the wake of the wave of emigration caused by Arab Spring uprisings in 2015, emerged as a beacon of… (more)


Gary Green – Obelisks

…reminding me of nothing so much as a guidebook, those delightfully marked and annotated volumes tourists could… (more)


Gianluca Galtrucco – Time Traveler

The recent publication by Gianluca Galtrucco is a love letter to the daydreamer in all of us. Making clever use of props, settings,… (more)


Yuki Kihara – Paradise Camp

The categories of genders and gender-related behaviors and preferences are not as binary as some would have us believe… (more)


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All images and text are © of the individual photographer/artist and/or author.

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